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Any Good News In CE

Whenever a reporter or editor gets call or an e-mail asking why we don’t print more “good news” and not dwell on all the negatives in any industry, it always makes journalists more than a little suspicious.

I received one of those e-mails the other day, and for a second or three I was suspicious. I then realized who sent it and why I was sympathetic to his point of view.

Keith Lehmann, senior VP of Kenwood USA’s Consumer Electronics Sales Sector, sent me that e-mail, and while he acknowledged big stories like the departure of Circuit City and Tweeter, the state of the economy and how it has hurt CE sales since the fourth quarter, should be big news, there have got to be some positive news out there on how retailers, suppliers and distributors are fairing.

I think you know how I feel on how consumer coverage of this industry recently has been a little overblown. (Click here.)

Let Keith explain himself: “I am making an appeal to you and your editors to report on some of the positive news that exists in our industry… how dealers and manufacturers are evolving their businesses to deal with the current retail slump. You can solicit ideas from the TWICE Website – I’ll bet that you’ll be surprised at what you find.”

Well I’m going to take up Keith’s suggestion. To all who are reading this, please surprise us. If you have a positive story or upbeat suggestions that are working for your businesses in this economy, and are willing to share, e-mail them to me at [email protected].