Philips Bows Video- Watermarking Software

Staff On Nov 8 2004 - 8:00am

Philips has launched video-watermarking software that will enable content rights holders and criminal investigators to trace back to the original source pirated material on DVD discs, VHS tapes and digital files released over peer-to-peer networks.

The software, called “RepliTrack,” is billed as a turnkey video-watermarking solution for forensic tracking purposes. The product comes as ready-to-install software that will work on PCs running Windows 2000 and later, and works in conjunction with existing “professional recordable DVD replication equipment.”

RepliTrack can be used to embed a watermark into a DVD disc that will play on any DVD player. Any copy of the disc — VHS tape or a peer-to-peer file — still carries the watermark, allowing the origin of illegal copies to be traced.

Philips said the underlying watermark technology is an enhanced version of the same technology that was deployed last year and led to the discovery of the origin of illegally copied and distributed major motion pictures prior to their official release.

Philips said RepliTrack resulted from “the demand for convenience from content owners and service providers.”

The software installs automatically for use with replication equipment. A graphical user interface provides control of the watermarking and replication process.

RepliTrack directly interfaces with Rimage Producer II duplication equipment.

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