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My Kindle, My Self

Summer is for reading, at least in my house. My sons are banned from screen time from 9-5 each day and the policy has instilled in them the value of a good, long, interesting book.I am lucky enough to get to the beach fairly frequently, so every June I load up the Kindle with my summer reading list.This year I decided to try something different. I’m foregoing the novels I enjoy all year and only...

LG’s $7B OLED Play Aimed Squarely At Samsung

LG Display’s production ramp-up of almost $7 billion to supply the market for OLED panels for smartphones through 2020 is yet another front on which the company has rival Samsung in its sights.Three new LG new OLED production lines, two in South Korea and one in China, will produce glass and plastic panels suitable for next-generation smartphones and in-vehicle displays.In a statement delivered...

Haier Adding TVs With Chromecast Built-In

Haier is dropping the Roku TV smart-TV platform and joining companies such as Vizio, Philips and Polaroid in adopting the Chromecast built-in platform for the North American TV market, Haier announced at CES. ...


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