Video Products Maintain Growth

Staff On Aug 20 2001 - 6:00am

Manufacturer-to-dealer sales of digital video products continued to rise during the summer months, according to figures released last week by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Unit sales of DVD players during July showed an increase of 29 percent to more than 693,000 units sold. That makes 39 months in a row that DVD players have posted gains, compared to the same period the previous year. Also, during June, dollar sales of digital television products increased 90 percent over the same period in 2000 to $159.5 million.

Because of the continuing rise in DTV and DVD sales through the first half of 2001, CEA contends that year-end sales figures are on track to hit a highpoint. Dollar sales for DTV products reached $868.7 million through the end of the second quarter, an increase of 105 percent over 2000. DVD player unit sales grew by just more than 57 percent through the end of July to reach 5.1 million.

"Consumers are definitely taking part in the transition to digital video and the long-term outlook is very strong," said Sean Wargo, senior analyst for CEA.

July Video Unit Sales To Dealers
July 2001July 2000% Change
Analog Direct View Televisions1,209,4501,604,733-24.6
Analog TV/VCR Combinations327,906354,606-7.5
Analog Projection Televisions*49,01474,981-34.6
VCR Decks **1,103,9901,660,706-33.5
DVD Players ***693,013537,45328.9
Year to Date Sales (30 Weeks)20012000% Change
Analog Direct View Televisions10,936,64912,343,418-11.4
Analog TV/VCR Combinations2,279,2222,577,490-11.6
Analog Projection Televisions*489,216625,107-21.7
VCR Decks **8,317,27011,808,564-29.6
DVD Players ***5,103,8063,238,39257.6
* Does not include HDTV projection televisions
** Does not include Digital VCRs.
*** DVD/LD Combi Players are included exclusively with DVD Players.

June Dollar Sales of Televisions
(In Thousands of Dollars)
June 2001June 2000% Change
Analog (TV/VCR, Projection, and Direct View)542,179790,538-31.4
Digital (DTV, HDTV)159,46384,06789.7
Total Television Sales701,642874,605-19.8
Year to Date Sales (26 Weeks)20012000% Change
Analog (TV/VCR, Projection, and Direct View)3,078,1353,804,647-19.1
Digital (DTV, HDTV)868,758423,586105.1
Total Television Sales3,946,8934,228,233-6.7
Information contained in this report reflects total market statistics for products sold in the United States regardless of the brand name or country of origin.
Source: CEA, Arlington, Va.©TWICE 2001

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