Video Industry Sales Scorecard

Staff On Jun 7 2004 - 6:00am

Video Industry Sales Scorecard Factory and distributor sales to dealers, as reported by the Consumer Electronics Association:
PRODUCTWEEK TO APR. 232003 WEEK% chg.WEEK TO APR. 302003 WEEK% CHG.WEEK TO MAY 72003 WEEK% CHG.18 WEEKS 200418 WEEKS 2003% chg.
Total Analog Color423,404344,77122.8466,327440,7225.8257,397580,360-55.68,004,2877,994,6220.1
TV-Direct View423,404338,62825.0466,327432,3817.9257,397571,261-54.97,998,5927,840,9842.0
Analog Color-Only336,556268,45425.4424,172377,24712.4232,997440,610-47.16,784,8136,442,0765.3
Analog TV/VCR Combos47,34936,70229.042,15555,134-23.57,08567,506-89.5600,197980,395-38.8
Analog TV/DVD Combo39,49933,47218.066,58130,529118.117,31563,145-72.6613,582418,51346.6
Digital TV (1)83,06344,15988.1108,76862,36374.453,25975,727-29.71,394,576974,646NA
Total VCR235,129283,389-17.0312,012352,638-11.580,153369,818-78.33,349,8585,483,031-38.9
Total Home VCR (2)93,721163,727-42.8111,983208,032-46.228,168218,549-87.11,403,3943,493,650-59.8
VCR Decks (3)46,372127,025-63.569,828152,898-54.321,083151,043-86.0803,1972,513,255-68.0
Total DVD (4)250,390313,594-20.2615,032520,29318.2263,194526,925-50.15,803,4035,473,9226.0
DVD Players (5)210,891280,122-24.7548,451489,76412.0245,879463,780-47.05,189,8215,055,4092.7
(1) 2002 data only available on monthly basis. Includes direct view, projection, plasma and LCD DTV
(2) Includes TV/VCR Combos
(3) Does not include digital VCRs
(4) Includes DVD players, TV/DVD combos, TV/DVD/VCR combos and DVD/VCR combos
(5) Includes stand-alone DVD and DVD/VCR
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