Video Industry Sales Scorecard

By Staff On Apr 4 2005 - 6:00am

Video Industry Sales Scorecard
Factory and distributor sales to dealers, as reported by the Consumer Electronics Association:
PRODUCTWK. TO FEB. 252004 WEEK% CHG.WK. TO MAR. 42004 WEEK% CHG.WK. TO MAR. 112004 WEEK% CHG.10 WKS 200510 WKS 2004% CHG.
Total Color Television698,775805,278-13.2487,438307,11958.7516,500498,4533.64,620,5684,824,844-4.2
Total Analog Direct View573,666703,583-18.5409,830257,02259.5439,921437,8650.53,856,1684,179,862-7.7
Analog Color-Only474,270573,420-17.3385,264238,19261.7415,662372,48411.63,457,9343,653,272-5.3
Analog TV/VCR Combos27,56090,909-69.74,9968,751-42.97,50243,506-82.881,567320,405-74.5
Analog TV/DVD Combo71,83639,2548319,57010,07994.216,75721,875-23.4316,667206,18553.6
Digital Television (1)125,109101,6952377,60850,09754.976,57960,58826.4764,400644,98218.5
Total VCR193,013341,714-43.5105,953130,126-18.6124,940164,486-24910,0271,555,574-41.5
Total Home VCR (2)60,661165,515-63.426,95242,545-36.729,35297,752-70306,817738,432-58.5
VCR Decks (3)33,10174,606-55.621,95633,794-3521,85054,246-59.7225,250418,027-46.1
Total DVD (4)295,892493,833-40.1230,953132,62074.1166,565261,406-36.31,773,4782,598,837-31.8
DVD Players (5)224,056454,579-50.7211,383122,54172.5149,808239,531-37.51,456,8112,392,652-39.1
(1) 2004 data omits LCD TV and plasma displays, which were included in 2003 numbers
(2) Includes TV/VCR Combos
(3) Does not include digital VCRs
(4) Includes DVD players, TV/DVD combos, TV/DVD/VCR combos and DVD/VCR combos
(5) Includes standalone DVD and DVD/VCR
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