Video Industry Sales Scorecard

By Staff On Sep 1 2003 - 6:00am

Video Industry Sales Scorecard
Factory and distributor sales to dealers, as reported by the Consumer Electronics Association:
PRODUCTWEEK TO JULY 252002 WEEK% chg.WEEK TO AUG. 12002 WEEK% chg.31 WEEKS 200331 WEEKS 2002% chg.
Total Analog Color559,475782,083-28.5533,827610,008-12.513,616,29914,217,872-4.2
Total Analog Direct View554,332752,796-26.4530,134601,473-11.913,410,82213,789,938-2.7
Analog Color-Only400,088657,614-39.2476,385487,779-2.310,863,27710,836,5660.2
Analog TV/VCR Combos108,35795,18213.853,749113,694-52.71,760,7832,719,361-35.3
Analog TV/DVD Combo45,88715,441197.233,5468,079315.2786,762234,011236.2
Analog Projection5,14313,846-62.93,6938,535-56.7205,477427,934-52.0
Digital Television (1)77,800103,459NA1,884,067NANA
Total VCR278,923654,605-57.4321,872563,663-42.98,561,36913,675,438-37.4
Total Home VCR (2)203,773532,524-61.7231,229477,842-51.65,428,00510,371,950-47.7
VCR Decks (3)95,416437,342-78.2177,480364,148-51.33,667,2227,652,589-52.1
Total DVD (4)425,072388,6519.4534,727341,09856.810,147,3127,894,37528.5
DVD Players (5)379,185373,2101.6501,181333,01950.59,360,5507,660,36422.2
(1) 2002 data only available on monthly basis. Includes direct view, projection, plasma and LCD DTV
(2) Includes TV/VCR Combos
(3) Does not include digital VCRs
(4) Includes DVD players, TV/DVD combos, TV/DVD/VCR combos and DVD/VCR combos
(5) Includes standalone DVD and DVD/VCR
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