Sanyo Seeks How2TV For Online Training

Alan Wolf On May 21 2001 - 6:00am

LOS ANGELES — While e-SIM's LiveProducts division has taken a dominant position in the CE simulation space, it's not the only game in town.

How2TV, based here, produces rich media packages, or Pacs, containing digital video, animated graphics, audio, diagrams and text to help consumers select new products and either assemble, program or operate those they have already purchased.

The company segments its packages into Feature Pacs, which highlight a product or a company's features or services; Instruction Pacs, which are multimedia user manuals; FAQ Pacs, which answer frequently asked product-related questions; and Training Pacs, which are employed for Web-based sales training.

Sanyo Fisher recently contracted with How2TV for the latter, to be used to introduce its new SCP-5000 full-color, Internet-ready PCS handset to Sprint PCS and other distribution partners.

The Training Pac replaces the videotapes that Sanyo previously used to update its sales force with product information, and includes a custom-designed testing capability that allows supervisors to monitor the training process and discern which sales reps are studying the material.

The Pacs recently earned How2TV a Best of Show Award at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show and an Innovations 2001 Design and Engineering Award.

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