PC Returns Remain Highest Within 15 Days

By TWICE Staff On Dec 19 2011 - 6:01am

REDMOND, WASH. — Computers and computer peripherals continue to be among the consumer electronics products that consumers most commonly return within 15 days of purchase, according to Siras, product registration, return validation and lifecycle tracking services provider.

This latest exclusive report for TWICE, covering the year ending Oct. 3, is based on millions of products tracked in the Siras program. It shows that nearly 79.9 percent of return attempts occurred within the 15-day post purchase period, comparable only to the portable media player category, according to a company official.

“There are some familiar factors at work here,” said Siras president Peter Junger. “First, many big retailers now have return policies of less than 30 days on computers and peripherals. We would also suggest, since the percentage of return attempts is relatively high for both the date of purchase and the ensuing two-week period, that many buyers are making returns because of some frustration with using or learning new technology in the product.”

He noted, “Most return attempts occur early during return period, not at the end. In our experience, that is evidence of buyer’s remorse or that the consumer is having some difficulty using the product.”

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