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Solar-powered night-vision goggles

1/20/2009 06:07:00 AM

Everyone knows of David Letterman’s Top 10 list, but what the show also hosts is a weekly online contest allowing viewers to suggest their own Top 10 items on a specific topic.

Last week’s topic was: 

Top 10 Least Popular New Products at the Consumer Electronics Show

10. Solar-powered night-vision goggles
Scott N, Jackson, MI


9. 52-inch plasma toaster
Steve M, Garnet Valley, PA


8. Wireless extension cord
Jeff H, Plano, TX


7. Tasers for tots
Lloyd C, Clovis, CA

6. The Kirstie Alley Grill
Paul P, Cleveland, OH


5. Digital soup
Don L, Bangkok


4. "Accordion Hero"
Rolly H, San Francisco, CA


3. Automatic shoe thrower
Jubil J, Plainview, NY


2. Senator Craig’s Electronic Tap Shoes
Mary P, Spencerport, NY


1. New video game: "Grand Theft Madoff"
Paul S, Washington, D.C.


 Since we are all in the industry and many of us attended the show, post your suggestions.

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