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By: Carolyn Baird |

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Watson and the Future of Customer Service

These are the words that strike terror into the heart of the frustrated consumer:

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By: Gurpreet Kaur |

The Beginning Of The Netbooks’ End

Dinosaurs. VHS. The netbook?

On the surface, netbook manufacturers including Acer, Samsung, Asustek, and HP all reported a leap in the right direction last

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By: Stephen Baker |

What’s Really Important In Apple’s iPad Announcement?

All the tech blogs and pundits are beating their drums about the potential launch of the iPad 2 on Wednesday.

Assuming that is what this event will

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By: Bill Matthies |

Baby Boomers!

Most accounts say there are 70 million or so of the original 79 million Boomers born during the Baby Boom years, 1946-64 still alive. That is70 plus million with a

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By: Gurpreet Kaur |

The Tablet’s Taboo: How A Lack Of Connectivity Will Cripple Adoption

The debate on who makes the best tablet is a hot topic these days, especially after the recent releases of the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Hewlett-

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By: John Rice |

How Can We Help You Today?

As a child, I would often go shopping with my Godmother, who lived with my Grandmother and helped her around the house (and with her business, I should add.) On

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By: Joe Erdeman |

Bundling Buy-Back Programs With Extended-Service Plans

The release of the new iPad 2 on March 11 has many Apple fans craving its increased power, the dual camera feature and that cool magnetic cover. But the original

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By: Stewart Wolpin |

A Standard(s) CTIA

After an event such as the just concluded CTIA in Orlando, I am invariably asked, “So, whaddya see?” meaning, “What cool gadgets did you see

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By: John Quattrucci |

Customers Who Have Bought An Extended Warranty And … Gasp … Use it?

You approach the service counter of a typical retailer, any  retailer, armed only with a defective product and the extended service you purchased on it. You

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