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By: Peter Suciu |

How TV is Changing E3

There is an old myth that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini made the trains in his country run on time. Anyone who has been to Italy knows that trains hardly run on

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By: Michael Antonoff |

Smart TVs Will Set Us Free

After pouring Simply Smart milk on my Smart Start cereal, I turned on my Smart TV.

Smartness shouldn’t be applied so loosely. Ever train a glass of

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By: Scott Steinberg |

How To Succeed With Crowdfunding: Expert Tips

Following breakout successes like the app-enabled Pebble E-Paper Watch and 3D printer Printrbot, which have raised over $10 million and $830,000 from everyday

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By: Stephen Baker |

Captains Courageous

The CE market seems to be plagued with bad news these days. With sales volumes squeezed, retailers struggling, longstanding categories on the edge of disappearing,

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By: Alexander Muse |

Showrooming And The Future Of Retail

Sony and Samsung set stricter pricing policies aimed at limiting discounts on their televisions. Consumer electronic sales slip at Sears. Best Buy closes 50 stores

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By: John Rice |

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off…


Another holiday season has come and gone. Now, we calculate the returns and profit margins and wait for the analysts, consultants and pundits to tell

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By: Bill Matthies |

Time for the New Action CE Industry!

In 1967 I joined the “New Action Army”, not to be confused with the “I Want You!” Army of my predecessors, or the “Today

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By: Chris Connery |

Can VIZIO Cross Over from TVs to PCs?

News that VIZIO plans to enter the PC market caught quite a few CES attendees off-guard, and it was a common topic

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By: Bill Matthies |

Early Detection Is Vital

(Editor’s Note: Bill Matthies has been a TWICE blogger and contributor for more than two decades. In this blog Bill departs from our usual industry

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