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Nvidia Previews ‘Project Shield’ Gaming Console

LAS VEGAS — Nvidia revealed at International CES its plans to launch what it called its “Project Shield” — a stand-alone handheld gaming console, powered by the new Tegra 4 processor. The controller is reminiscent of a PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 with a built-in 5-inch 294-dot HD (720p) touchscreen display. The device is expected to enable five to 10 hours of gaming, and 24 hours of HD viewing from its built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and includes a jam-box-like audio system and an Android gaming experience.

It accepts a MicroSD card and includes an HDMI output, USB port and a standard 8-inch audio jack. Titles will be made available through Nvidia’s Tegrazone gaming store. Project Shield can also play games from a gaming PC running Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software over a local network. Users can play Steam library titles via Big Picture Mode directly from the device. Project Shield is currently in beta testing running Wi-Fi only on the Android 4.1 OS. It is expected to make a market debut in the second at a price to be announced.

Polaroid Inks New TV Licensee

LAS VEGAS — Scott W. Hardy, president of PLR Holdings (Polaroid), revealed during the 75th anniversary for the brand at International CES that Silo Digital (a.k.a. SU Holding) has signed on as the new licensee for TVs and TV peripheral products in the North American market. The Canoga Park, Calif.- based Silo Digital will return the popular Polaroid brand to TVs, after the former owners of the trademark went bankrupt in a Ponzie scheme scandal that helped PLR Holdings gain control of the Polaroid assets. At one time, Polaroid was one of the fastest-growing HD LCD TV brands. In addition to TVs, new licensee Silo plans to introduce in the second quarter a $229 Polaroid-branded TV soundbar with integrated streaming functionality.

Lionsgate, Samsung Begin 3D Partnership

LAS VEGAS — Hollywood studio Lionsgate and Samsung Electronics revealed during International CES that they are partnering to expand the availability of 3D movies for the home. Utilizing Samsung’s proprietary 3D image-processing technology, the two companies plan to deliver new 3D versions of the Lionsgate action films “Gamer,” “Crank” and “Bangkok Dangerous” as well as the horror/thriller hit “The Descent.” Other 3D titles were also said to be in the pipeline. The two firms pointed out that 3D capability is ramping up in U.S. households, as 3D sets could be found in an estimated 6.4 million U.S. homes in 2012, up from 3.5 million in 2011.

Stream TV Demos Glasses-Free 3D 4K

LAS VEGAS — Stream TV Networks demonstrated at International CES its Ultra-D 2160p technology, using a 60-inch Ultra-D 4K Ultra High-Definition- enabled display to present a high-resolution glasses-free 3D experience. The technology used a new Ultra-D 2160p SeeCube real-time conversion set-top box to produce 2D to 3D-without-glasses, and 3Dwith- glasses, to 3D-without-glasses content conversion in resolutions up to true 2160p format. Stream TV Networks’ technology uses a new algorithm to boost existing content to between 1080p and 2160p levels. The company said Ultra-D 2160p uses the disparity between images to produce a higher resolution output than the source, expanding in the process viewing angles, and removing distortion in up-converted glasses-free 3D 2160p images.

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