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Tech Recon: Save Yourself From Yourself At Retail

You can control a lot about your retail presence but certainly not everything.

Sure, you can design your own packaging, but what about the things you can’t control? Like security “spiders” and Plexiglas boxes that need to be unlocked by a sales associate? The industry term is “loss prevention,” but it might as well be called sales prevention with its cables wrapping around and strangling the packaging that you worked tirelessly to perfect. The truth is, in the world of consumer tech, your products are at the mercy of the retailer.

Truth is, your products are at the mercy of the retailer.
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Deezer’s Doozie

Deezer stirred up a hornet’s nest in September when it announced the launch of its Deezer Elite streaming service, available exclusively through Sonos wireless multiroom-audio systems sold by systems integrators.

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Watch List: Update

This week’s Watch List will look at some former picks to see how they have fared in the funding process.


Jolt Charger

Watch List Date: Sept. 17

Goal: $98,000

Attained: $26,278

Providing an update on previous picks
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It Was A Good Week For OTT

If you’re into over-the-top video entertainment, last week was a bonanza for exciting announcements.

From the revelation that Sony has begun beta testing its PlayStation Vue video-on-demand (VOD) service that will take on rival multichannel video services, to news that Amazon is making 4K content available at no extra charge to Prime customer who own a qualifying Samsung 4K TV, there was no shortage of compelling announcements. All of this makes the upcoming FCC decision on changing Title II conditions to better enforce net neutrality all the more eventful.

A bonanza of exciting announcements
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The Best Laid Plans

Black Friday’s no fun anymore.

The whole tradition has changed from just a few scant years ago, when early on Thanksgiving morning millions of shoppers would descend on newsstands and convenience stores to snatch up the day’s heavy, insert-laden newspapers.

Later, following the holiday repast, family members would spread out the circulars and study the sales promotions with the intensity of an NSA research team, formulating their plan of attack.

Black Friday's no fun anymore.
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How Millennials Are Creating An Entirely New Industry

Every generation has a group who revolutionizes an industry. Today, millennials are drastically shaping the way music is consumed and experienced.

For the first time ever, the music industry saw declines last year in digital music downloads, while at the same time, vinyl record sales jumped 31 percent, according to Nielsen Sound Scan. Last year was also the first time in the digital music era that the top 10 vinyl-record sales came from newly released albums.

A generation willing to pay more for quality listening
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Tech Recon: Be True To Your Shelf

In general, the consumer tech industry is run by engineering and sales types. Not a shocking revelation I know, but the public wants to believe that at the helm of every company sits a visionary “Steve Jobs” type, challenging the status quo in their tireless quest to make the world a better place. It’s a nice thought, but when you consider some of the missteps we see while walking the aisles of consumer tech retail it would appear that the reality is quite the opposite. 

No company with amazing products and solid funding ever died from being too different.
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Making A Case For Unlocked Phones

BlackBerry made a good case for buying an unlocked phone, particularly BlackBerry phones, if you sign up for a discount prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan from an MVNO or a smaller carrier instead of one of the big four carriers (who don’t happen to promote BlackBerry phones very aggressively).

In a blog, BlackBerry contends consumers who buy an unlocked phone and shop around for service can save up to $1,000 over two years, even after factoring in handset subsidies with a carrier contract. Users also get the opportunity to switch GSM/HSPA/LTE carriers as needed.