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100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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8 Trends That Are Changing E-Commerce

With the demand for online shopping growing (more than half a trillion dollars in sales are projected by 2020), e-commerce merchants who sit idly by are not going to cut it.

The only e-commerce merchants that are going to succeed in today’s market are those who continuously strive to improve their business strategy. You must be focused on challenges, opportunities and expectations.

Is there a chat bot in your future? There ought to be
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Suffers In SquareTrade Torture Test

Samsung's "inifinity design" wrap-around display may help make the Galaxy S8 an object of beauty, but extended service provider SquareTrade saw it as a liability in its latest breakability test. Still, while SquareTrade may have its own agenda, an in-house survey showed that smartphone owners are twice as likely to buy the device as they are an iPhone in the next six months.
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Parks Associates Highlights New Consumer Research At Pre-Show Research Workshop

Research from Parks Associates shows that while familiarity with smart home products is still low, there is more and more interest from consumers to integrate connected products in the home.

*5% of U.S. broadband households own a smart plug/adapter module.

*U.S. broadband households with smart light bulbs own 2.4 of these products on average.

*92% of U.S. car owners perform an activity that requires a mobile or Internet connection while driving.

Workshop will focus on smart home and IoT: growth, consumer trends
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5 Steps To A Smarter Online Pricing Strategy

There are few things as important as your pricing strategy.

Get it wrong and your business won’t survive. Get it even mostly right and reaching your goals will be more difficult than necessary.

But get it right and you will pave a smooth path to success.

How to balance sell-through and margin
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How To Solve Shopping Cart Abandonment

Within martech [i.e., marketing technology], 2016 was the year of personalization.

It seemed that nearly every other article or blog post about e-commerce emphasized the importance of personalization in getting consumers to convert. The better you know your customers and target the right products to them, the more successfully you’ll encourage them to buy. Or as Plato might have said, “Retailer, know thy consumer!”

Let’s get personal
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Evolution In Electronics: The Growth Of Amazon-Owned Products

In the run-up to Black Friday 2016 and throughout the peak holiday shopping season last year, Amazon heavily promoted its own line of electronics products on the homepage  a valuable, and perhaps unfair, advantage given that more than half of all product searches now begin on Amazon.

A close-up look at Amazon's massive success with its private-label tech
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Nationwide Marketing Group Earns 2017 Energy Star Partner Of The Year Award

Nationwide Marketing Group has been named a 2017 Energy Star Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award winner. This award honors the group’s continued leadership in protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency achievements.


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