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Wearable Sports Technology: What to Expect in 2015

Wearable sports technology is a game-changer when it comes to how athletes across all levels -- professional, amateur, collegiate, and youth -- practice.

It is not just common anymore, but actually expected that coaches incorporate data and technology into training routines.  According to Juniper Research, the wearable device industry will hit $19 billion by 2018 so the near future will be an interesting and critical time.

There's need for actionable data, a customized user experience and versatile partnerships
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OTT Streamers Deliver The Yuletide Shmeer

Just eight days until Christmas and the streaming TV market continues to heat up with enough channels, offers and capabilities to make a cable TV executive cry.

HBO Go, Vudu and Roku keep sweetening their holiday deals
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Starbucks: The Technology Launch Pad

I don’t think it’s a very daring statement to say that Starbucks is more than a hot-beverage company.

Even though they sell more than 2 billion cups of coffee per year, I think the name means more to the average Joe (yes, pun very much intended).

Getting a charge from your cappuccino
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How High Can High-Res Audio Go?

Can you squeeze the quality of a master recording into a digital music file that’s smaller than a losslessly compressed 192kHz/24-bit FLAC file? Will the file outperform its 192/24 FLAC counterpart? Can you stream it over a broadband network to the home?

International CES Pre-Show Resource Center

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E-tailers Look For The Green This Monday

E-tailers are mounting their third major promotional barrage of the season today in an effort to squeeze any remaining sales from shopping-weary consumers.

So-called “Green Monday” falls on the second Monday in December, and was given form by eBay five years ago to mark its busiest sales day of the month.

Between Black Friday and Green Monday we may need an Overdraft Tuesday