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TWICE Retail Rebels Re-Write The Rules

100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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BDA Roundtable Adds Color To Ultra HD Blu-ray Launch

Will your Ultra HD Blu-ray player have to be connected to the Internet to play 4K discs? How will consumers transfer 4K content from discs to portable devices? Will Ultra HD Blu-ray players play DVDs and CDs? And will players and discs accommodate content created with Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) technology.

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), which promotes the Blu-ray Disc format, answered those questions and more on Thursday when two BDA executives held an online roundtable to take questions from reporters and reviewers.

Here's what the format will offer
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IBM Watson Sings To Bob Dylan

IBM Watson chats with a legend.

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Apple's New Watch Commercial: Sing

Each commercial highlights a specific feature of the smart watch.  

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Apple's New Watch Commercials

Apple has released a series of new commercials for the smart watch

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5 Ways To Revamp Your Approach To Customer Service

Balancing a diverse product profile and increasingly global consumer base brings new and more complex service challenges. The increasing number of consumer touchpoints, and instant, always-on connectivity, challenges brands to consistently give their customers everything they expect, across every channel.  

A seamless experience is imperative
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Can Video-Chat Kiosks Help Cure Retails’ Ills?

There’s a new wave in retail that’s attempting to take the best aspects of the digital landscape into the physical world: live video-support kiosks that engage, educate and personalize the shopping experience for in-store visitors.

This kind of integration is helping to solve a major pain-point many brands and retailers now face – that of placing the right information in front of a customer at a key moment, especially when their intent to purchase is highest.

Virtual in-store sales assistants are a win for retailers and brands
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Polaroid Does GoPro One Better By Revisiting Its Roots

If there is one truth in the world of consumer technology, it’s that nothing stays in one place.

Change is the one constant, whether that applies to new companies, new brands, new products, or new channels. You can be king of the Best Buy aisle one Christmas, and an afterthought a year later.

The best way forward is often backward


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