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How To Drive Business Innovation

In the consumer electronics field, market leaders often tend to associate the concept of innovation with breakthrough, game-changing technologies: Advancements such as the Internet of Things, rise of big data and emergence of connected home devices. But as discovered researching my new book “Make Change Work for You,” it may surprise many CE professionals to learn that innovation is often a process of evolution, not revolution — slight shifts in strategy or thinking that ca make huge impacts.

A simple system for future-proofing any enterprise
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Throwback Thursday: Of Spiffs, Spliffs and Turntables

TWICE’s founding editor Bob Gerson used to argue that home video technology was driven largely by demand for adult entertainment.

To that I would add an audio corollary – that sales of high-end headphones and home sound systems are at least partly fanned by the use of ... pot.  Any dealer – pardon, any A/V specialty dealer in business in the late Sixties and early Seventies could certainly bear this out.

I consumed my fair share of music in high school
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HTiBs On Verge Of Extinction

International CES confirmed it. The HTiB (home-theater-in-a-box) system is going the way of home-audio rack systems and iPod/iPhone-docking speakers. They’re almost extinct.

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Takeaways From The CES Daily Production Team

Unlike most of my colleagues, I spend the majority of International CES in a small meeting room way, way, waaaaayyyyy deep in the South Hall. We like to joke that the S stands for Siberia.

A peek behind the curtain
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My Top 10 Memories of CES ’15

The 2015 International CES was memorable to me since it was the first time in 25 years I was a contributor and not the editor of a daily at the show. But this blog isn’t about me; it’s about the things I saw and was impressed with in Vegas. Some of my picks just might increase industry profitability now, and in the near future, so here goes:

My first as editor at large
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Top Five Take-Homes (Not Takeaways) From 2015 CES

If you’re looking for an incisive analysis of the macro trends that will shape the CE industry in years to come, look elsewhere on

But if you’re interested in 2015 CES bling, I offer you my Top Five list of "Things I Wanted To Bring Back From The Show":

If you’re looking for analysis look elsewhere; this is all about the bling.
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What I Wanted To Bring Back From CES

Any LG 4K OLED UHD Television

Although many quantum dot televisions are quite stunning, nothing has the black levels, contrast and color accuracy of OLED—and LG is really the only game in town. Be a great replacement for my 1080p plasma.

A Nice Add-on

To go with my new 4K OLED, I also wanted the Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player prototype shown at CES in order to watch “Lawrence of Arabia” in the 10th different video format I’ve owned since it was released on VHS tape.

Cool Cars

The best of the best
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My Top Five CES Unveilings

Every year we go to International CES, and every year it seems we come back with the same tired assessment: “It was more evolutionary than revolutionary.”

In some ways this year’s show was evolutionary, but I found a few announcements of forthcoming trends (not necessarily tangible products) fit into the revolutionary class as well.

No. 1 on the top of my revolutionary list was a discussion from Mercedes of prototype automated cars that are moving closer to a driverless, or at least driver-assisted reality.

Driverless cars, VR cinema, next-level 4K stood out on the floor
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How To Win Amazon’s Buy Box In The Age Of Mobile

Mobile is where it’s at.

Over the 2014 Holiday season nearly 60 percent of Amazon customers shopped using a mobile device. On Cyber Monday alone Amazon customers worldwide ordered more than 18 toys per second from a mobile device. This is incredibly significant, and it can now officially be said that mobile is here to stay.

Mobile commerce has gone mainstream.
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New Rules For High-Tech Career Success

Ever feel like the corporate ladder is broken? That’s because you’re making the mistake of trying to climb it, especially in the fast-moving consumer electronics and IT field, where change is constant, and uncertainty the only certain. As we discovered through our research for the new book “Make Change Work For You,” succeeding in today’s topsy-turvy, rapidly evolving business world requires equally fluid and novel methods of thinking and strategies to navigate.

8 ways to stay ahead of the competition and the curve