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The Path To Abundance Through Technology

I‘m reading a terrific book right now. It’s called “Abundance: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think.”

It was written by Peter Diamandis, the chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation and a longtime veteran of the technology industry, along with tech journalist Steven Kotler.

Among other credentials, Diamandis has degrees in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering from MIT, and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School.

Technology and science offer optimism for our world
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Wireless Multiroom Audio: Growth And Challenges

By all accounts, wireless multiroom-audio systems represent another long-overdue success story in home audio.

They appeal to a new generation of audio enthusiasts who don’t sit down in front of a refrigerator-size rack of components to listen to music but who listen to music as a backdrop to their daily activities. They appeal to consumers whose appetites for multiroom audio have been whetted by the proliferation of installed systems but who don’t have the money for it or find it impractical to retrofit a system.

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Why Inventory Matters

If your business is sales, inventory is the hub. Too little, and you miss out on potential sales. Too much, and you’re wasting money by paying to house excess goods. And while most people understand the importance of managing inventory, getting it right takes the right tools. Keeping track of inventory with a pen and paper or with an Excel spreadsheet just won’t cut it — and it doesn’t need to. There are more effective ways of tracking your inventory demands that, when correctly implemented, can increase turn rates and profits.

Easy access to information is crucial for maximizing sales
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Watch List

The Watch List is an ongoing series that focuses on CE start-ups reaching out to consumers via crowdfunding and other non-traditional methods.


Crowdfunding projects worth a look
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Shelf Share: A Revealing Research Tool

Whenever someone asks me to describe my job as an industry analyst, I tell them that what I essentially do is market research.  Market research is used as a tool for a variety of purposes, but the kind of market research that I do involves the “Four P’s” of marketing: products, placements, prices, and promotions.  One trend that I return to time and again in my day-to-day work analyzing the Television market is shelf share, or the percentage of a store’s shelf that is owned by a particular segment.  A quick example of shelf share is demonstrated in the first chart, which shows the retail sh

The four P's of marketing
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Toshiba’s Chromebook 2s Hit A High Note

One of the biggest success stories of the past year or so in the laptop space has been the Chromebook. A combination of a dirt-cheap price, built-in full-size keyboard and tablet-like functionality seems to be attracting budget-minded students, and home users, in droves, according to the latest market research studies.

 So it’s understandable that most PC makers looking to hold onto their market share have started to venture into the strange new world of the Chrome OS.

FullHD, Skullcandy sound offer compelling advances
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Fill’er Up

Something amazing happened over the weekend: I was able to fill up my car for $30.

Now granted I drive a compact and live in New Jersey where gas is cheap. But Lundberg Survey just confirmed that retail fuel prices are indeed falling nationwide.

Hark, glad tidings from the gas pump
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Food For Thought

Chalk this one up to the “better living through technology” category.

Last week, TellSpec CEO Isabel Hoffmann, leader of the company behind the world’s first consumer food scanner, spoke at TEDGlobal in Brazil and give a demo of one of the company’s first beta units on stage.

Technology to tell us exactly what's in our food