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Phone Vendors Follow Carriers Into Tumultuous Times

Intensified competition among wireless carriers is going hand-in-hand with more intensive competition among smartphone suppliers.

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Watch List

The Watch List is an ongoing series that focuses on CE start-ups reaching out to consumers via crowdfunding and other non-traditional methods.


The Talkase from WiMe is a small GSM cellphone slash iPhone case slash backup battery slash Bluetooth accessory. Yes, it looks a lot like a calculator, but the Talkase is positioned as a more convenient option for anyone who needs a backup phone, such as road warriors. 

A trio of crowdfunding projects worth a look
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A Baker’s Dozen: NPD’s Holiday Predictions

The end of Halloween has become the new starting point for the holiday selling season. With Oct. 31 just days away, Stephen Baker, industry analysis VP for the NPD Group, has compiled a “Baker’s Dozen” of 13 expected holiday highlights.

The heat is on.
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Falling Cloud-Storage Fees Stoke The `IoT'

One of the more encouraging trends of the past year has been the speed with which Cloud-storage fees have plummeted.

Clearly, as the Internet of Things (IoT) movement gains momentum, an affordable and easy means of storing and sharing data and content between devices is paramount to a satisfying user experience, and it looks like we’re almost there.

Affordable fees for large storage volume brings convenience, flexibility
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Ship Free Or Die

Apologies to our Granite State friends for modifying your motto, but it succinctly captures the state of e-commerce in Q4 2014.

What brings this to mind is last week’s announcement by Target that free shipping is now standard on all online orders through Dec. 20 as part of its go-to-market holiday strategy.

Free shipping is table stakes in e-commerce.
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Wireless-Multiroom Brawl

Competition in the wireless multiroom-audio market is turning into a bare-knuckled street brawl.

Newcomers entering the market have made some indirect but uncomplimentary comments about Sonos, the market pioneer that launched the first wireless multiroom-audio system a decade ago. Many newcomers contend their products will be more musical and offer more margin than Sonos products.

With the number of newcomers hitting a new high this year, Sonos is fighting back to defend its turf.