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And Ford Makes Three (Sync 3, Android Auto, CarPlay)

Automakers have talked about combining Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the same dash, but Ford will go a step farther by giving consumers the option to add both technologies to the company’s Sync 3 in-dash infotainment systems.

“We don’t want to make the phone a reason for not buying your car,” a spokesman told me during a social-media event in New York City as we sat inside a new orange Mustang for a Sync 3 demo.

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Is Pebble Too Big For Kickstarter, Redux

I wrote a blog yesterday that wondered if a product like the Pebble Time is too big for Kickstarter. Will it make it extraordinarily difficult for small start-ups to compete on the level playing field Kickstarter had once offered, where you’re meant to be judged on your pitch and not your name?

Or is it just another gateway for the little guys?
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Wheeler Explains FCC's Open-Internet Vote

For over a decade, the Commission has endeavored to protect and promote the open Internet. FCC Chairs and Commissioners, Republican and Democrat alike, have embraced the importance of the open Internet, and the need to protect and promote that openness. Today is the culmination of that effort, as we adopt the strongest possible open Internet protections.

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Sears’ Lampert Lays It On The Line

Sears chairman/CEO Edward Lampert brought investors up to speed on the company’s progress and strategies this morning in one of his intermittent and revealing open Chairman’s Letters, which is presented here in its entirety.


Chairman's Letter

February 26, 2015

To our Shareholders, Associates and Members,

Sears has repeatedly, and mistakenly, been written off in the past
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Is Pebble Too Big For Kickstarter?

Pebble nearly imploded Kickstarter this week when it debuted the latest generation of its smart watch, the Time. Within 32 minutes, the project hit its $500,000 goal, and it reached the $1 million mark just 15 minutes later. Within 24 hours, Pebble had raised around $8.8 million dollars, and it currently stands at $10.2 million as of this writing, about 48 hours post-launch. (More record-breaking stats can be found here.)

Established manufacturers could alter crowdfunding playing field
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Microsoft Is Leaking

This has not been a good month for Microsoft, or so it would seem.

Since International CES, the notoriously tight-lipped company has become a virtual sieve of leaked information and screen shots. Microsoft has historically played things very close to the vest, and you found out about its products the day it launched them, just like God intended. It’s not like it is with Apple, with its carefully curated series of official and unofficial leaks, heading into each product-release cycle.

Loose lips can also raise ships
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Dish: Will It Buy Or Sell?

Dish is coming up against a hard deadline. Sometime in 2016, it must begin building out a cellular network in spectrum that it owns in the AWS-4 band. The band consists of 2,000–2,020MHz and 2,180-2,200MHz satellite spectrum repurposed for terrestrial service.

Dish could undertake the build out on its own or try to buy carrier T-Mobile to tap its expertise. A bid for T-Mobile would be in keeping with Dish’s unsuccessful attempts in 2013 to buy Sprint and Clearwire to tap their expertise and achieve wireless economies of scale, or so Dish said at the time.

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LG Intros Seven OLED Models

Tim Alessi highlights LG's 2015 OLED line at International CES