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TWICE Retail Rebels Re-Write The Rules

100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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Going All-In To Combat Cellular Confusion

Understanding a phone bill wasn’t easy back when the landline-phone monopoly calculated the price of a call by something called message units.

It hasn’t changed much in the wireless era.

Back in the 90s, when the first PCS-band (1900MHz) carriers lit up their networks, one of the new PCS carriers promised simplified rate plans to differentiate itself from the 800MHz incumbents. The movement didn’t catch on. Decades later, choosing a rate plan is still more complex than choosing a mortgage or trying to figure out your income tax.

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Talk To The Tablet

Let me set the scene: Philadelphia airport, F concourse, Friday afternoon and I am heading home after a long week of training. I had an hour to kill until my next flight so I thought I would grab a quick beer before I had to board.

Technology should enhance the customer experience, not replace it
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RadioShack Touts Return With Orlando Jones Music Video

Customers and sales staff break into dance at the prospect of a revitalized RadioShack in new low-key social campaign.

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Azione To Dealers: "Get Excited, Join A Group!"

Azione Unlimited president Richard Glikes chastises dealers for sitting on the fence.

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Tech Commercials Among Those Honored At Cannes

I’m a sucker for a good commercial.

The Oscars of the advertising world were given out this weekend in Cannes, France, at the 2015 Cannes Lions festival. Of the 23 commercials chosen for top honors, three were produced for technology clients. Congrats to the winners: Beats By Dre, Samsung and Leica.

(And a personal shout-out to Barry Wacksman, a friend, and global chief growth Officer of R/GA, whose book "Connected by Design" was featured as part of Gary's Book Club at International CES in January. Nice job with the Beats spot!)

Here are the winning ads:

The Oscars of the ad world were handed out this weekend
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Android Auto, Apple CarPlay: One Head Unit Is Better Than Two

Stuffing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into the same head unit makes sense, so much so that automakers and aftermarket suppliers are ramping up availability of head units equipped with both technologies.

Kenwood just began shipping the $950-suggested Excelon-series DDX9902S and $900 Kenwood-series DDX9702S, joining three dual-technology Pioneer head units at MAPs of $700, $1,200 and $1,400.

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Gay Marriage Gets Support From Tech & Retail

Today's landmark decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the legality of same-sex marriage was the culmination of decades of struggle. And, in the end, even big business came out in support.

A scan of the 379 corporations and employer organizations that filed amicus briefs urging the Supreme Court to strike down state bans on gay marriage reveals strong support from the technology and retail industries.

Amicus briefs filed in support of equal rights