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100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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Why Cyber Monday Matters Now More Than Ever

As the battle for e-tail escalates, Cyber Monday has taken on a new significance. Case in point: Target, which is going for broke Nov. 30 with an unprecedented 15 percent off its entire online assortment. In the following corporate blog, Jason Goldberger, president of and mobile, explains the retailer’s rationale.

Target is going all-in on Cyber Monday
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Jeff Bezos' Rocket Landing

Blue Origin, the exploration company helmed by the Amazon founder, landed its first rocket.

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Why The CEA (I mean, CTA) Changed Its Name

Earlier this month the Consumer Electronics Association announced that it was changing its name to the Consumer Technology Association. Now, normally this would not garner a ton of attention, but there are two reasons one should take notice.

The first is that these are the folks who put on the biggest show in our industry, CES, in Las Vegas.  The second reason is that this organization has always moved with the times, and a name change is always a moment to consider what to look for in our industry as the new year approaches.

The age of pervasive technology is upon us
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AdWeek Names Most Viral Ads Of The Year

AdWeek has released its annual list of the "Most Viral Ads Of The Year," and four technology-related spots made the top 20, including an ad for Android at No. 1.

Only one spot has any real star power — Liam Neeson as his menacing self for a video game, of all things — while the rest rely heavily on heart-string tugging.

Here are the four tech spots:

#14. Supercell's "Clash Of Clans: Revenge"

Four tech-related spots make the list
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Has Black Friday ‘Jumped The Shark’?

When did Black Friday cease being the official Opening Day of holiday discounts and shopping?

Was it in 2013 when the trend to open on Thanksgiving began? Or was it last year when controversy swirled around that new trend, and Black Friday sales spread out all through the month some now call Black November?

Is opening on Thanksgiving more valuable than increased online sales?


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