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TWICE Retail Rebels Re-Write The Rules

100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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Embrace Your Digital Shadow

In today’s digital age, the lines between perception and reality have become blurred.

Every day and with every interaction, we are constantly affecting how others perceive us; this has been true for generations. However, for retailers today, what’s changed is the tremendous — and wildly convenient — power other people have in influencing and shaping public opinion about you and your business.

Online reputations can make or break a business
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Nationwide Makes Home Automation Easy (Or At Least Easier)

In this last of a three-part series, HTSN director Hank Alexander walks TWICE through the Connected Home Kiosk — a turnkey entrée into DIY home automation.

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Nationwide Bridging The Millennial Divide

In this second of a three-part series, chief commercial officer Jeff Knock explains how the Nationwide Marketing Group is helping its baby-boomer members understand the needs, mindset and shopping behaviors of millennials — who are set to become the biggest-spending demographic group next year.

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"We Are Nationwide"

The $15 billion Nationwide Marketing Group chose a unity theme for this month's PrimeTime convention and buy fair, as chief commercial officer Jeff Knock explains to TWICE's Alan Wolf in this first of a three-part series.

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Video & Audio Center Debuts New Sony Z-Series TVs

Video & Audio Center were the first to formally launch Sony's new flagship 4K TVs. See the debut ceremony in what was deemed to be part of a "grand slam" for the retailer.

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How Microsoft & Mojang Made Minecraft For VR

"Decades of training have taught people that you sit still when you play games, but that's all about to change."

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3 Ways To Connect With Centennial Shoppers

Much has been said about the importance of engaging millennials. But while brands and retailers would be wise to continue focusing on millennials, another generation of shoppers also deserves its fair share of attention.

Maintaining transparency is crucial for success


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