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100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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You Can’t Afford to Misread Elusive Millennial Shoppers

The back-to-school holiday (second largest revenue generating holiday for retailers) has grown a whopping 42 percent over the past 10 years. This year alone, the total spend is estimated to reach $68 billion between grade school and college students, of which college students (aka millennials) account for $43.1 billion in spend.

Personalized, multichannel experience with flexible fulfillment options top list
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The Importance of Being (At) IFA

Each year, the global consumer electronics glitterati gather in a gleaming and exciting post-war playground for a must-attend/must-be-seen-at convention.

If my clumsy literary vagueness makes it seem as if I'm only sort of alluding to CES in Las Vegas, but actually not – you're right. I'm actually alluding to a competitor to CES that has risen in reunited and rebuilt Berlin, Germany – IFA, which runs 4-9 September.

3 reasons you should be traveling to Berlin
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How Target Got Its E-tail Groove On

When Target released its Q2 2015 earnings report, shareholders were pleasantly surprised. The retailer surpassed Wall Street expectations and its own high-end forecast.

The second quarter wasn’t quite so kind to many of its competitors, and Target’s results offered retailers another cause for concern: The company’s e-commerce sales grew 30 percent year-over-year, accounting for 0.6 percent of its 2.4 percent growth for the quarter.

Digital catch-up initiatives bearing fruit
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Consumers Slow to Embrace Apple Pay

Will Apply Pay ring the cash register for the most profitable company in the world?

If indications are accurate of recent U.S. consumer reaction to Apple’s new payment service, then the company may have a problem on its hands.

Apple Pay, which enables you to use the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch in the same way as a contactless debit card, is encountering some difficulty in convincing consumers that this smart technology is worth the time and effort.

The narrow view of mobile payment limits mobiles just to paying at the register.