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TWICE Retail Rebels Re-Write The Rules

100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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From PrimeTime: The Future Of Smart Appliances

Derek Mattila, merchandising director for Nationwide, discusses the future of the connected appliances, and what it means for the retailers selling and installing them.  

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Top 3 Tips To Help Your Small Business Go Digital

Most small businesses fail to fully leverage an online presence to its full potential. Data published in 2016 revealed barely 1 in 4 small businesses used a website to help conduct or drive sales. This is at a time when e-commerce sales are booming and opportunities presented to businesses online are seemingly endless.

Stumbling blocks abound, but stop leaving money on the table
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Why Location, Location, Location Still Matters In A Digital World

Procter & Gamble cut more than $100 million from its digital marketing ad spend in the June quarter. Why? Because the ads were “largely ineffective,” meaning they were not contributing to brand equity or sales.

Brands are wising up to importance of online placement
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Frigidaire Brand Kicks Off Relaunch With ‘Your House Rules’

As part of a "historic" push from parent company Electrolux, Frigidaire unveiled the first ad in its new marketing campaign.

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The Wonders Of Mobile Checkout

One of the issues for all retailers is how to service their customers quickly so they don’t have to wait in line to check out.

No one likes to wait in line no matter what the reason, but especially to give someone else their money! Long checkout lines not only can lead to unhappy customers, but also may cause customers to abandon their carts (physically, not just virtually), and may even cause them never to return to your store again.

Customers save time – and you save their shopping data
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Live from PrimeTime: Connected CE With Nationwide’s Dean Sotille

Nationwide’s distribution and logistics senior VP discusses the benefits and challenges of indie retailers selling the smart home.   

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Talking With Nationwide’s Jeff Knock On Member Concerns

Knock knows its buying members and its retail members have ranging priorities and needs.


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