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DTV Audio Loudness Guidelines Set

11/23/2009 02:00:00 AM Eastern

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) recently approved a recommended practice for establishing and maintaining audio loudness for digital television.

The measure provides guidance to broadcasters and content producers on best production, distribution and transmission practices, for the highest quality audio soundtracks.

The document focuses on audio measurement, production and postproduction monitoring techniques, and methods to control loudness.

It also recommends methods to effectively control program-to-interstitial loudness, discusses metadata systems and use, and describes modern dynamic range control.

It includes specific information on loudness management at the boundaries of programs and interstitial content.

“High-quality multichannel sound is an important element of the digital television experience,” said ATSC president Mark Richer. “The new recommended practice provides the industry with uniform operating strategies that will optimize the audience listening experience by eliminating large changes in sound levels.”

“The adoption of a recommended practice for implementing audio loudness culminates years of work by the ATSC. These efforts will benefit American consumers by resolving problems associated with 'loud commercials,'” said David Donovan, president of Maximum Service Television (MSTV).

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