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vNet Adds Blu-ray Archiving

9/10/2009 02:00:00 AM Eastern

Colorado vNet, the maker of Vibe IP-based multi-room-A/V systems and other IP-based systems, is adding Blu-ray archiving capability to its Vibe A/V servers, which already archive movie DVDs, CDs and photos.

In other developments, the company is:

• adding 4.7 and 7-inch touchscreens with a choice of 50-watt digital amplifier, 100-watt digital amplifier or no amplifier, and dozens of bezel options to match decor;

• launching its first Wi-Fi-equipped handheld touchscreen tablets to control all home systems and A/V; and

• adding a universal-remote-type capability to its handheld and in-wall/tabletop touchscreens to deliver full control of all A/V components in a home-theater system in the same room.

The company's touchscreens already controlled the company's Vibe multi-room-audio and lighting systems as well as third-party systems such as security, HVAC, CCTV cameras and shades.

At the show, the company is adding Blu-ray archiving to its Vibe video systems to enable remote playback of Blu-ray movie discs stored on the Vibe Server/Player or on a Vibe network-attached storage device. The servers and players incorporate a Blu-ray drive to play back inserted discs and to archive BD movies on the servers. Up to six different Blu-ray movies will stream simultaneously to different Vibe video players from the NAS.

The Vibe video servers also store A/V content and photos transferred from a networked PC.

In handheld Wi-Fi tablets, the company will display its first RF-equipped handheld models, which come in two sizes, 4.1-inch and 8.9-inch, for whole-house control. Additional details were unavailable.

These tablets, as well as the company's existing in-wall/tabletop models, also control the company's wired and wireless lighting systems, third-party security cameras and other-brand home systems, such as HVAC systems and motorized shades.

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