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The Top 100 Majap Retailers By Retail Channel (a)

11/24/2003 02:00:00 AM Eastern
The Top 100 Majap Retailers By Retail Channel(a)
Rank 2002Rank 2001 RevisedStore NameEstimated MAJAP Sales (b) In $ millions 2002Estimated MAJAP Sales (b) In $ millions 2001 RevisedPercentage of Total Registry Sales 2002Percentage of Total Registry Sales Revised 2001
Total Catalog Showrooms$4$40.0%0.0%
9897Edelstein's Better Furniture440.00.0
Total Department Store54530.40.4
5959JC Penney13130.10.1
Total Electronics/Appliance stores/One Market1,0299736.56.2
66P.C. Richard & Son3793792.52.7
1313BrandsMart U.S.A.1711421.11.0
2730Karl's Sales & Services45380.30.3
31NRKings Great Buys Plus40300.30.2
3334Queen City TV & Appliance35320.20.2
3531University Electric30360.20.3
3641Plass Appliances & Furniture29260.20.2
41NRWarners Stellian Appliance26220.20.2
4446Spencer's TV & Appliance21200.10.1
4748Apsco Appliance Centers19190.10.1
5050B & B Appliance18170.10.1
5254La Curacao17140.10.1
5555Van Vreede TV, Appliance & Furniture15140.10.1
6053Appliance Center of Toledo13150.10.1
6667Christie's Appliance LLC11110.10.1
6961Archer Home Centre11120.10.1
7176Mr. Jay Appliance & TV1070.10.1
7269Albert Lee Appliance Co.10100.10.1
7371Marcella's Appliances990.10.1
7473Appliance Connection990.10.1
7874Kitchen & Bath Galleries880.10.1
7977Spicher's Appliance & Electronics770.00.1
8381Zemel's TV & Appliance760.00.0
8484Honig's Appliance Center LLC660.00.0
8585Roy Good Appliance City660.00.0
8787Angert's Appliances650.00.0
8995Sams Best Brands Plus540.00.0
9188Appliance-TV Depot550.00.0
96100Atchley Appliance & TV440.00.0
9796Curto's Appliance & TV440.00.0
99NRTrage Brothers440.00.0
Total Electronics/Appliance stores/Multi-Region1,4001,3849.210.0
43Best Buy9621,0216.37.4
1112EXPO Design Center1741251.10.9
1615Rex Stores Corporation83840.50.6
1922Appliance Gallery69520.50.4
2626Abt Electronics & Appliance50440.30.3
3232Fry's Electronics38340.30.2
6365Tri City Sales12110.10.1
Total Electronics/Appliance stores/Regional1,2961,1858.5%8.6%
89H.H. Gregg2521911.71.4
98ABC Appliance Inc.2152061.41.5
1416McPhails Appliance89750.60.5
2424Appliance Direct51480.30.3
2523Western Appliance TV & Stereo51510.30.4
2928Bray & Scarff43430.30.3
3433Famous Tate35320.20.2
3737Cowboy Maloney's Electric City29290.20.2
3838Lack's Stores Inc.28280.20.2
3942Jetson TV & Appliance Centers28250.20.2
4244Handy TV Appliance23220.20.2
4335BGE Home23320.20.2
4547Sight 'n Sound Appliance Centers20200.10.1
4649Grants Appliance19180.10.1
4852Karl's TV & Appliance19160.10.1
5656DeSears Appliance & Home Ent.14140.10.1
5858Davies Appliance Stores13130.10.1
6266Cohen Appliance & TV12110.10.1
6568Witbeck Household App. & Elect.12100.10.1
7082Lack's Valley Stores1060.10.0
7572Schewel Furniture990.10.1
8180Agren Appliance770.00.0
9493Ammar's Inc.550.00.0
Total Home Furnishing Stores3513202.32.3
1718R. C. Willey Home Furnishings78690.50.5
1820American TV & Appliance74580.50.4
2017W.S. Badcock67710.40.5
2119Nebraska Furniture Mart62590.40.4
4040Rosa's Home Stores28260.20.2
5462Big Sandy Superstores15120.10.1
6770EBA Wholesale1190.10.1
8286Beiter's Home Centers760.00.0
9289Granite Furniture550.00.0
Total Home Improvement Centers4,6443,65729.525.5
34Home Depot1,6391,23810.48.6
7683Spenard Builders Supply860.10.0
Total Mass Merchants6,0405,92339.842.8
6839Ames Department Stores11270.10.2
Total Miscellaneous79710.50.5
2221Army & Air Force Exchange Service57530.40.4
5157Navy Exchange Service Command17130.10.1
8892Marine Corps Exchange550.00.0
Total Warehouse Clubs8587695.75.6
5NRCostco Wholesale6465734.34.1
1010Sam's Club2041891.31.4
77NRBJ's Wholesale870.10.1
MA Registry Totals$15,756$14,338100.0%100.0%
* Updated from original report published in the June 9, 2003 issue of TWICE.
(a) Store type codes were developed jointly by TWICE and the Consumer Electronics Association. (b) All sales information, except for that supplied by publicly held companies that break out line-of-business sales for major appliances, is based on TWICE Market Research estimates.
Source: TWICE Market Research © TWICE 2003

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