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Splitsecnd Ships Plug-In Crash Detector

3/10/2013 08:00:00 PM Eastern

NASHVILLE, TENN. — Splitsecnd has begun shipping a plug-in crash-detection device that automatically notifies authorities and family members when it suspects a vehicle accident.

The company’s namesake device incorporates GPS and cellular and plugs into any standard cigarette lighter or 12-volt DC outlet. An accelerometer uses an algorithm of speed and force changes to determine a crash, the company said. The embedded GPS receiver determines the location of the device, uploads the coordinates via cellular to the company’s servers, and automatically contacts authorities.

The Splitsecnd device features a speakerphone so that drivers can communicate with authorities or let them know if the device has incorrectly registered a crash. If the user has associated an emergency contact number with the account, that person will be called after the authorities have been notified.

Splitsecnd uses AT&T and T-Mobile’s wireless networks to cover 96 percent of the U.S. population, Chris Thompson, CEO and co-founder, told TWICE.

If the vehicle loses power during the emergency, the device carries a battery life of one hour of talk time.

The Splitsecnd, which is currently available on the company’s website, carries a $199 price for the hardware and a $14.95 monthly fee. The company hopes to eventually sell through brick-and-mortar and e-tailers as well.

The monthly fee also includes an optional Family Finder feature, which lets users track their vehicles using an iOS or Android smartphone or computer.

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