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Retrevo: Consumers Prefer Kindle Fire to iPad

11/09/2011 02:48:01 PM Eastern

Sunnyvale, Calif. - More
consumers are interested in buying a $199 7-inch Kindle Fire rather than a more
expensive 9.7-inch iPad during the holiday season, according to a survey
commissioned by, the consumer electronics review and shopping site.

Retrevo surveyed more
than 1,000 online
consumers and found that 22 percent of all respondents plan to buy a tablet
during the holidays. Twelve percent of all respondents said they would buy a
Kindle Fire during the holidays, whereas 10 percent of all respondents said
they would buy an iPad, which starts at $499. Among people who already own a tablet, purchase
intent also skews toward the Kindle Fire. Twenty-seven percent of current
tablet owners said they would buy a Kindle Fire during the holidays, and 20
percent of tablet owners said they would buy an iPad.

tablet"Conditions seem right for the
Amazon Fire to become a hot item this year," said Retrevo.
Although the study didn't ask about the recently announced $249 Barnes
and Noble Nook tablet, the Nook tablet "could also be an attractive alternative
to an iPad," Retrevo added.

 Only about half the iPad 2 owners said the
iPad was "just right" in terms of weight and size, Retrevo noted.

"We don't know if families are
tired of fighting over the iPad, or the new $199 Kindle Fire looks irresistible,
but it appears that a large number of existing tablet owners are planning on
buying another tablet this holiday season," Retrevo said. Two-tablet households
are on the rise, Retrevo said, citing survey results showing that more than 27
percent of iPad 2 owners own another tablet.

 In another finding, Retrevo said many
consumers are confused about whether the Kindle Fire is an e-reader or tablet.
Thirty-five percent said it was an Amazon e-reader, and 32 percent said it was
an Amazon tablet computer. Thirty-two percent said they didn't know.

"The Amazon Kindle is a strong
brand and a popular e-reader -- however, it looks like Amazon may have to spend
some marketing dollars if it wants consumers to perceive Kindle as a tablet,
too," Retrevo said.

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