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Retrevo Adds HDTV Model Decoder Tool

7/19/2011 02:39:12 PM Eastern

New York - Consumer shopping site Retrevo recently launched
its HDTV Model Decoder offering a free
service/cheat sheet designed to help shoppers compare product families across a
brand to make better purchasing decisions.

The Model Decoder was set up to help consumers "quickly
understand what the differences are between a brand's series variations (like
the Sony BX, EX, NX and HX series for example)," Retrevo said. "This service
also gives shoppers a guide to stores that carry ‘unique
model numbers
' like Costco, Sam's Club and Best Buy, the company said.

The site also helps consumers unlock the meaning behind
manufacturers' model number designations. Consumer electronics model numbers
are more than a group of letters and numbers.

"When Retrevo's artificial intelligence technology is
applied to model numbers, valuable shopping information emerges like the Life
Cycle Chart, comparative product analysis and most recently the HDTV Model
Decoder. The Model Decoder will help you understand the differences in HDTV
models from major TV manufactures such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and
Vizio," Retrevo said.

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