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Q2 TV Shipments Dip, Samsung Tops

8/25/2011 10:51:19 AM Eastern

Santa Clara, Calif. -
Global TV shipments fell in the second quarter 1 percent, according to
DisplaySearch, with Samsung remaining the top overall vendor.

The research firm noted the falloff was even more drastic, 6
percent, in developed regions. This offset the 3 percent gain that took place
in emerging markets. Further hampering the figures was the comparative quarter
from 2010, which was very strong due to sales related to the World Cup Soccer

LCD TV shipments grew 6 percent during the quarter, down from the
9 percent posted during the first quarter of 2011. So far 2011 has fared poorly
in LCD TV, compared with 2010 when each quarter saw at least 20 percent growth,
DisplaySearch noted.

Part of the reason for LCD TV's falling shipments is tied to the
increased usage of LED backlighting, which adds a premium onto each TV
purchase. DisplaySearch reported that in 2011 the premium averages 74 percent
across all screen sizes. About 43 percent of all LCD TVs shipped now feature
LED backlighting.

Q2'11 Worldwide Flat Panel TV Brand Rankings by
Revenue Share
Rank Brand Q1'11 Q2'11 Q/Q Y/Y
Share Share Growth Growth
1 Samsung 22.20% 22.60% 11% -10%
2 LGE 14.50% 14.40% 8% -1%
3 Sony 11.40% 11.70% 12% -11%
4 Panasonic* 6.60% 9.40% 55% 2%
5 Sharp 7.40% 7.00% 1% 6%
  Other 36.60% 34.80% -1% 1%
  Total 100.00% 100.00% 8% -3%
DisplaySearch Quarterly Advanced Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report


3DTV performed well during the second quarter, with shipments
jumping 9 percent, year over year. This is up from the 4 percent posted during
the first quarter of this year. DisplaySearch credited the availability of more
models, more screen sizes and lower pricing for the jump.

Samsung retained its No. 1 ranking in revenue share, with a 22.6
percent market share during the second quarter, beating out LG, Sony, Panasonic
and Sharp by a wide margin.

Samsung was first in revenue across the LCD, plasma and the CRT
categories. Samsung was also No. 1 in 3DTV.

Q2'11 Worldwide TV Shipments by Technology
Technology Q2'11 Q2'11 Q/Q Y/Y
Units  Unit Share Growth Growth
LCD TV 44,469 80.10% 1% 6%
PDP TV 4,236 7.60% 16% -6%
OLED TV 0.1 0.00% -69% -78%
CRT TV 6,796 12.20% -7% -31%
RPTV 24 0.00% -47% -8%
Total 55,525 100% 0.40% -1%
DisplaySearch Quarterly Advanced Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report


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