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Pioneer Technology Creates In-Car DJ Mixes

12/08/2011 08:49:36 AM Eastern

Miami - Pioneer wants to put a DJ
in your car with the launch of Mixtrax technology

Mixtrax automatically creates
multiple playlists from music stored on a PC or iPod for playback through
select Pioneer car audio systems and through the company's Steez portable audio

The technology could also appear
in home audio products.

Free Mixtrax music-management
software for PCs analyzes a user's music collection for such musical attributes
as tempo and beats per minute (BPM). The software then tags each song and creates
an assortment of playlists categorized by such musical styles as Beat, Chill
and Thump. The software also identifies the best points in each song to make a
transition to another song mix, and it blends the tracks together with added
transition effects as a live DJ would, Pioneer said. Users can then choose
three settings to adjust the intensity of the effects and transitions as well
as the duration of each track within a mix.

Next, users transfer the
playlists to a USB stick or SD memory card for playback through two new car
CD-receivers, a big-screen car A/V receiver, and Steez products. The playlists
can also be transferred directly to the Steez products, which are targeted to
dance enthusiasts with features designed for training, rehearsing, and competing.

In the three car stereo systems,
Pioneer is also building a simpler version of Mixtrax technology to
automatically add three types of DJ-style transitions (Flanger, Echo and
Crossfade) and six sound effects (Backspin 1 and 2, Echo, Trans, Roll and
Scratch) between songs.

Separately, Pioneer will offer an
iPhone app that creates playlists of iPhone-stored music for playback with
transition effects through Pioneer's AppRadio head unit, which uses the iPhone
and its apps as its primary source of A/V content and information. The Mixtrax
iPhone App accesses the Internet to compare the songs stored in the iPhone to
songs in Pioneer's music database to identify musical characteristics and
create custom playlists that can be played back through the AppRadio.

 In the two CD-receivers, the illumination buttons and display of
the in-car CD receivers pulsate and change color. Two defeatable illumination
modes, each with six color patterns, create different light effects. Likewise,
the Mixtrax-compatible car A/V receiver uses its large LCD touchscreen to
animate the album art of the currently playing track in time with the music.

Some of the products will ship in January.

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