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Philips Readies AirPlay Speaker Systems

6/23/2011 11:05:45 AM Eastern

York - Philips entered the AirPlay-enabled speaker market with a selection of
five models priced from a suggested $229 to $799.

product ships in July, and the others ship in September. All are part of the
Fidelio series. None docks physically with an iPod, iPhone or iPad to play the
portable devices' music, but all systems feature 3.5mm aux input to connect any
brand of portable media player or cellphone.

the company released more details about its plans for an Android-based portable
media player, saying two models will be available in September. The company
previously acknowledged cited model. The Wi-Fi-equipped GoGear Connect comes in
two versions, one at a suggested $179 with 8GB of embedded memory and a 16GB
model at $219.

Stamford, Conn., company released the details here at the Consumer Electronics
Association's (CEA) Line Show, where one competing brand said it has held off
introducing its own AirPlay speakers because Apple licensing fees and the
inclusion of Wi-Fi add about $100 to the consumer cost of the products.

AirPlay speakers, the first product to hit the market will be an upscale
$799-suggested DS9800W SoundSphere, shipping in July. The AC-only speaker
system consists of two separate two-way powered speakers with black-lacquer
finish, rounded design and point-source driver configuration to time-align the
drivers. The tweeter sits on an arm that hovers over an angled-up front-firing
woofer. The two speakers are connected via a cable. A tabletop charging stand
for an iPod or iPhone is included, as is an IR remote to control a docked
iPod/iPhone's menu and control volume and track up/down. The remote lacks LCD

SoundSphere uses 5.25-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter and 2x50-watt amp.

$499, the SoundSPhere DS6800 is a smaller, lower-powered version of the
SoundSphere system and lacks a tabletop charging stand, but it uses the SoundSphere's
point-source driver configuration. It features brushed-aluminum and black

$399, the DS8800W is a 2x15-watt one-piece system with horizontal elliptical
shape and curved back. It's AC-only.

$329, the grab-and-go-style AC/DC $329 DS3881W takes the shape of a round halo that
incorporates four front-firing drivers, bass port, 16-watt amplifier and rechargeable
lithium-ion battery. The halo is held in place by magnets to a tabletop base
that uses inductive charging to charge the halo's battery.

$229, the one-piece AC-only AD700W features two full-range speakers, 10-watt
amp and a USB port to charge an iPod or iPhone.

providing more details of the GoGear Connect portable media players (PMPSs),
Philips said its Android 2.3 devices feature Wi-Fi b/g, stereo Bluetooth, web
access but no camera. The products are also licensed by Google to access the Android
Market for app downloads.

Other previously disclosed features
include 3.2-inch capacitive color touchscreen, 720p HD video storage, and a Like
Music feature that makes it possible to make playlists that sound great


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