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PC Streaming, 'Net Radio Showcased At CES

1/08/2007 02:00:00 AM Eastern

Philips and Crosley are tapping into the Internet as a source of radio in the home, and JVC is tapping into the PC.

JVC: Two Ethernet-networked HTiBs debuting under the new Sophisti series name are certified by the Digital Living Network Alliance to stream music and movies stored on a networked PC. They don't stream Internet radio.

The DD-3 and DD-8 systems also deliver surround sound through three front-channel speakers and USB Host capability to play music and reproduce pictures from connected MP3 flash-memory players, digital cameras and USB drives. Pricing was unavailable.

Philips: The 80GB WACS3500 is the company's first wireless music-serving shelf system in a more traditional three-piece configuration. The five-zone system features separate two-way box speakers and microsize main chassis. Pricing wasn't disclosed, but the one-piece predecessor retailed for a suggested $999 with bundled amplifier/speaker client.

Compared to the WACS700, the 2x40-watt WACS3500 adds wireless Internet radio streaming and unprotected AAC playback, joining MP3 and unprotected WMA playback. Another new feature is an optional charging/docking cradle, which accepts either iPods or Philips's GoGear-branded MP3 players.

The WACS3500 is due in the second quarter without bundled client at an unannounced price. The 3500 will work with separately sold universal plug-and-play clients already available: the $299-suggested WAS700 amplified/speaker client and the $199 WA5 client, which lacks speakers and amplifier and connects to any existing stereo system.

Crosley: Internet radio and a HDD music/video jukebox are the key features of the Crosley digital jukebox, a floorstanding replica of a 50s-style jukebox at a suggested $4,999 with neon lighting, percolating bubble tubes, and mahogany wood and wood veneers. It's 54-inches tall and comes with large touch screen that doubles as a display monitor. It's available now.

It incorporates an iTunes-running PC with an LCD touch screen/display. The device rips CDs for storage on its internal hard disk drive, downloads music from the iTunes music store and streams Internet radio stations via iTunes.

It features a USB port to connect iPods and other MP3 players.

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