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NuVo Focuses On Multiroom Affordability

9/14/2006 11:13:00 AM Eastern

Denver – Driving down the cost of multiroom audio systems, NuVo unveiled a six-zone, six-source multiroom audio system with six touchpanel-like in-wall controllers at $3,500 and a matching $2,199 160GB HDD music server that gets its music content from a PC.

Here at the CEDIA Expo, the company also launched a wireless iPod docking station that connects wirelessly to NuVo multiroom-audio systems to distribute iPod music throughout the house. The proprietary wireless connection enables consumers to place the dock in convenient locations inside a home.

To bring the price down on its Grand Concerto multiroom audio system, the company adopted two technologies for its in-wall controllers to give them touchscreen-like capabilities at a price closer to traditional keypads. Each controller features bright, high-contrast eight-line OLED text display and solid-state control buttons, which use “capacitive touch technology” adopted by makers of high-end kitchen appliances. “For the price point, it can’t be touched,” said president David Rodarte.

The Grand Concerto features six amplified zones and line-outs for add-on amps to power two more zones. The system can be expanded to 16 zones.

The three-output server, the NV-M3, reduces costs in large part by eliminating a CD-ripping drive and associated software. To get its content, it synchronizes with a PC’s Windows Media Player, enabling it to store rights-protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) downloads from authorized download sites. NuVo believes it is offering the first custom-installation music server to be Microsoft PlaysForSUre-certified.

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