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The NPD Group's Market Magnifier

6/16/2008 02:00:00 AM Eastern
Fastest-Selling Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Markets
Market Magnifier from The NPD Group
Based on sales per million dollars of CE sales in the market for the three months ending April 2008
1. Los Angeles $4,050
2. Minneapolis $2,904
3. Columbus $2,841
4. Boston $2,750
5. Wash. D.C. $2,666
- The fastest-selling DSLR markets are found scattered throughout the U.S., but they tend to be somewhat more affluent
- All sales rates exceed the national average by at least 36%
- Photospecialty retailers are important players in this segment
Source: The NPD Group/Market Tracking Service
NPD market level information enables subscribers to identify the strongest markets and opportunities for improving business. 
Data is collected from individual retail locations of a panel of 70 industry-leading retailers for consumer electronics, information technology, mobile audio, and imaging. 
The aggregation of individual stores provides significant coverage for making confident and insightful decisions.
To normalize comparisons between markets, market level data looks at category dollar sales for every million dollars in total annual consumer electronic sales in the market.  
Larger markets, those with higher populations, will generally have larger absolute volume sales.
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