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Monster Beats Unleashed On Red Sox

4/04/2010 08:01:00 PM Eastern

- Fenway Park made room for another monster on
Sunday when Monster's Noel Lee was joined by Dr. Dre and Interscope chairman
Jimmy Iovine to introduce the latest iteration of Beats headphones.

The Beats by Dr. Dre Red Sox edition

The Beats by Dr.
Dre Red Sox edition headphones carry the same technical features as the Beats
Studio edition from Monster, but they are red and blue and adorned with the Red
Sox logo. Priced at $399, the headphones are officially licensed by Major
League Baseball and were scheduled to be available in the New
England area beginning Monday.

"There are only a
few iconic baseball teams," Noel Lee told TWICE in a phone interview, and since
it was Monster's first launch into Major League Baseball, "we thought it was a
good fit to launch with the Red Sox."

"Boston fans are especially really die-hard
fans," Lee added. "So loyal, so enthusiastic ... We really enjoy this
relationship with the Red Sox."

When asked if more
teams or sports branding was on the horizon, Lee said, "Absolutely." He noted
that while this was the first official branding, Monster had done other
"projects" with the Beats headphones, including one with NBA player Kobe
Bryant, and said that a project with LeBron James was in the works.

The Red Sox
headphones originally stemmed from a relationship Iovine has with Red Sox
chairman Tom Werner.  "You can see it has
a real shot of working," Iovine told TWICE. "Both sides are very enthusiastic."

Both Lee and
Iovine brought up the amount of support the Beats headphones have seen from
professional athletes, and Iovine noted that it was this support that acted as
motivation for the products.

"If we didn't have
the support of the players, there would be no way I would do this," he
said.  "I really look at fashion, sports
and music as a real driver of popular culture and I love that it's working from
an idea that Dre and I had."