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Marantz Sees The Networked Future

7/21/2010 02:30:00 PM Eastern

New York - Marantz is acknowledging audio's past
and positioning itself for audio's future with the launch of 15 new products
that include traditional two-channel components as well as a greater assortment
of networked products.

The $799-suggested NA7004 Network Audio Player is Marantz's first stand-alone digital music player (DMP), which can be added to existing sound systems to add playback of nontraditional music sources.

The product
launch is the brand's largest in more than 10 years.

The products
include the brand's first stand-alone networked digital media player (DMP), a
networked CD-receiver, and two networked Blu-ray/SACD/DVD-Audio universal
players. All are DLNA 1.5-certified to stream content from a networked PC.

The two universal
Blu-ray players, called universal media players by Marantz, are the brand's first
BD players to stream music, video and photos from a networked PC as well as the
first to stream on-demand video from Internet video services. The players,
which are the brand's first 3D-capable Blu-ray players (via a third-quarter firmware update), connect to the NetFlix
service and YouTube.

Four new A/V
receivers (AVRs) and a new preamp processor, previously
reported by TWICE
, are the brand's first with 3D-capable
HDMI 1.4a connections and Audio Return Channel. The new AVRs also expand the
brand's selection of AVRs with embedded HD Radio, expand the use of various
Audyssey post-processing audio technologies, and include the brand's first AVR
and preamp surround processor with Audyssey Dynamic Surround Expansion (DSX) post-processing
technology, which adds front-height channels as well as two left-right
image-widening channels to a 5.1 system.

The lineup
also includes the brand's first networked AVR, the $1,599-suggested SR7005. That
model is also the brand's first AVR with embedded Internet radio.

Other new
networked audio products include the brand's first CD-receiver, the M-CR603
Network CD Receiver at an unannounced price; the stand-alone NA7004 Network
Audio Player at a suggested $799; and the $1,499 AV7005 preamp processor.

The DLNA-1.5-certified
NA7004 Network Audio Player can be added to existing sound systems to add
playback of nontraditional music sources. The component, for example, streams audio
from a networked PC, incorporates embedded Internet Radio tuner, accesses
Internet music services, and features iPod-compatible USB connection to play
back music sent in PCM digital form from a docked iPod. The component also
features a back-panel M-XPort to connect an optional Bluetooth stereo receiver.

 The NA7004, which lacks embedded music-storing
memory, is promoted as a "digital-to-analog converter for people with large
collections of downloaded high-resolution music on their computers or other
external storage devices who want to listen through their home audio systems."

The M-CR603
Network CD Receiver offers all of the features of the Network Audio Player but
adds embedded AM/FM tuner and CD player.

networked devices include two universal Blu-ray players, which expand the
brand's selection of universal Blu-ray players to four. The new $499-suggested
UD5005 and $899 UD7005 join a $2,999 universal model and a $5,999 universal model,
but the two new models add 3D capability as well as networking to stream audio,
video and photos from a networked PC. The two new models are also the brand's
first Blu-ray players to connect to on-line video services, in this case
NetFlix and YouTube.

The new
$1,499 AV7005 preamp surround processor, like its predecessor streams audio and
video from a networked PC, but the new model adds embedded Internet radio, HDMI
1.4a connections, and HDMI Audio Return Channel.

In more
traditional products, the company added to its amplifier selection with the
$1,199-suggested MM7055 multichannel amp, rated at 5x140 watts into 8 ohms, and
the $799 two-channel MM7025 amp.

Four new
products replacing previous models are the $449 PM5004 and $999 PM8004
integrated amps, the $999 SA8004 two-channel SACD player, and the $349 CD5004
CD player. The SACD player features MP3/WMA playback and a front-panel USB to
connect to music sources such as PCs and iPods. The input captures iPod output
in PCM digital form.

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