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Maingear Shifts Into A New Gear

11/04/2009 01:20:14 PM Eastern

Union, N.J. - Maingear this week introduced the
Shift, a high-performance PC that the company is calling the everyday

MaingearThe Shift takes Maingear's normal high-end production qualities
to the next level and includes a new cooling system, advanced customer support
and a three-year warranty, said company founder and president Wallace Santos.

Despite its high-performance capability, the Shift is not being marketed as a gaming computer, Santos said, but as a computer for enthusiasts who are looking for the best of the best. However, he added, it is a great gaming computer.

The build-to-order Shift line is comprised of two SKUs, the Intel
P55 and Intel X58, with the former being powered by an Intel Core i7 800 series
processor and the latter jumping up to the Intel i7 900. The P55 has a base
price of $2,199 while the X58 is $2,599.

The higher-end model comes with an ATI Radeon HD or Nvidia
GeForce video card, up to 12GB of DDR3-2000 memory or 24GB of DDR3-1600 memory,
up to six conventional or 12 solid-state hard drives, DVD or Blu-ray optical
drives, speakers from Razer peripherals and a variety of Auzentech sound cards.

The towers utilize both a closed liquid-cooling system and a new
industrial design that places the fans at the bottom of the chassis and vents
along the top to take advantage of natural heat convection. This allows
Maingear to use lower-powered fans, keeping the unit's ambient noise down and
using less energy, said Santos.

Shift owners also have a special level of customer service
available. Instead of speaking just with an assistant, the consumer can discuss
any issues directly with the technician who constructed their computer, said
Chris Morley, Maingear's chief technology officer. For improved service the
technician can access the computer remotely, and the company has on-site
support capabilities if the problems require such attention, he said.

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