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Harman Kardon Adding HDMI 1.4a To AVRs

5/03/2010 04:00:22 PM Eastern

Northridge, Calif.
- Harman Kardon is making the switch to HDMI 1.4a in its A/V receivers (AVRs)
to repeat all of the 3D video formats outlined in the HDMI 1.4a spec.

Beginning in
September, Harman Kardon will make a running change to three of its four AVRs
to upgrade them to HDMI 1.4a from HDMI 1.3. Also that month, the brand will offer
consumers a software download to upgrade their existing AVRs to 1.4a.

The AVRs are the
$799-suggested AVR 2600, $1,199 AVR 3600, and flagship $2,999 AVR 7550HD. The
brand has no plans to upgrade the current $599 AVR 1600. Future new Harman
Kardon AVRs will also feature HDMI 1.4a.

consumer-installable firmware upgrade will be available at at no
charge to current owners. Consumers must download the software to a USB memory
stick, insert the stick into their AVR's front-panel USB jack, and use the AVR's
remote to navigate through onscreen instructions to install the upgrade. No
direct connection between the PC and AVR is needed.

Other suppliers
contacted by TWICE are launching HDMI 1.4a AVRs and HDMI 1.4 AVRs, which they
said pass through all of the 3D standards specified in the HDMI 1.4a spec. Some
will also offer firmware upgrades to select AVRs with HDMI 1.3 inputs and
outputs. Here's what suppliers
are saying
about their AVRs, and what HDMI
Licensing is saying
about the 3D compatibility of audio products.

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