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Doritos Commercial Tops On TiVo

2/06/2012 11:29:45 AM Eastern

Alviso, Calif. - The cat-whacking-dog
for Doritos won top viewership among all ads showcased during
the Super Bowl, according to instant viewer data collected from TiVo
subscribers during Sunday's game between the New York Giants and New England

TiVo released this year's top 10 most engaging Super Bowl
commercials and moments based on its anonymous audience research data, and
Doritos' user-created "Man's Best Friend" commercial took the top spot.

Doritos claimed two of the top three spots this year and has now
landed on TiVo's top 10 list for six consecutive years since finding success
with its user-generated commercials. 

The top 10 commercials during this year's game, according to TiVo,

1 Doritos                                                
"Man's Best Friend"
6 NFL New Fantasy Game                Win a Million Bucks
2 M&Ms                                                 
"Ms. Brown"
7 Acura NSX                                          
3 Doritos                                                
"Sling Baby"
8 Fiat 500                                              
4 Pepsi                                                    
"King's Court"
9 Chevy Camaro                                   "Happy
5 Volkswagen                                       "The
Dog Strikes Back"
10 E*Trade Baby                                   


TiVo is the only second-by-second audience research service that
ranks these top 10 commercials based on actual commercial retention and
viewership relative to the program viewership numbers, TiVo said.

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