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CEA Says Sales Hit $96.2B During 2002

1/27/2003 02:00:00 AM Eastern

The consumer electronics industry all but shook off the effects of last year's economic recession, bouncing back from the overall 2001 sales decline to put total factory sales for 2002 at an all-time full-year high, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reported during International CES.

The trade group's preliminary estimate, based on information supplied by its reporting members, put sales for the year at a record $96.2 billion, up 3.7 percent from the results of 2001.

The figures show the 2002 bounce back was led by video products and video games. Higher unit sales volumes in basic analog products, combined with the ongoing demand for digital products such as DVD players, displays and recorders, lifted total factory video sales to a record $20.5 billion, up a steep 17.1 percent from 2001.

The popularity of new high-tech video game systems and software boosted 2002 sales by a solid 15 percent to a new record of $11.5 billion. Gains also were shown by mobile electronics, accessories and home security products, while the dollar value of shipments of audio and home information products declined.

In its first forecast for this year, CEA is looking for total industry sales to post a conservative 3.5 percent rise to $99.5 billion in 2003, with electronic games coming in as the big winner, while overall video hardware sales hold about level with last year's performance. The figures indicate CEA sees a modest recovery for home information products and an easing of the decline in the value of audio product sales.

The CEA looks for the industry to come in with its first $100 billion sales year in 2004, as sales increase by 4 percent. Over the longer range, CEA expects industry sales will show gains of 6 percent in each of the following two years, to put volume for 2006 at $116.3 billion.

(Units in 1,000s, $ value in millions)
2001 Actual2002 Estimate2003 Forecast
Unit SalesFactory $ ValueAverage $ PriceUnit SalesFactory $ ValueAverage $ PriceUnit SalesFactory $ ValueAverage $ Price
Total TV29,3019,86033732,77012,79639033,06213,322403
Total Color TV29,0519,84533932,54512,78439332,86213,313405
Total Analog Color26,7306,98026128,8067,69326727,7527,043254
Direct View25,7975,92022928,0716,90024627,2386,550240
Color Only21,1675,13024222,8886,11126722,5685,848259
TV/VCR Combos4,6307901715,1837891524,670702150
Digital Color¹1,4602,6481,8122,6834,5321,6893,8465,5431,441
Total Flat Panel TV8612172521,0565595291,264727575
Monochrome TV25015602251255200945
Total VCRs²19,5401,84811919,1531,69711916,5861,429119
VCR Decks14,9101,0587113,9709086511,91672761
Personal Video Recorders3361444291585232931695301
V'cass. players785676346045252
DVD Players12,7072,09716517,6262,55014520,1062,647132
Home Satellite Systems6,4311,1751836,9541,1341635,488776141
Digital Still Cameras5,5561,9723559,0042,73630411,3152,903257
Total audio systems10,1071,3991388,0211,0721347,659991129
Rack systems794253240225573720541
Compact systems10,0281,3571367,9811,0501327,622971127
Separate components--1,261----1,223----1,164--
Home Theater In-A-Box2,3047943453,0381,0083323,3821,095324
Total CD players³52,2004,8029244,2333,8918843,2523,74287
Portable CD players31,7071,5855024,0371,1544822,6331,08648
Other CD players20,4933,21715720,1962,73713620,6192,656129
Home radios418,2003261817,3453231916,23429018
Total Tape512,099261228,843199237,76016722
Tape players5,60597173,54365182,8104817
Tape Recorders6,494164255,300134254,95011924
Headset portables638,0841,7064530,1041,3084328,4361,202
MP3 Players7241001381,6641781072,110213101
Total autosound--4,948----5,206----5,434--
Original equipment--2,850----2,950----3,127--
Aftermkt. Car Security--266----265----274--
Radar Detectors--170----134----123--
Mobile Video/Navigation--293----452----542--
Home computers*14,40012,96090013,80011,52383514,30011,011770
TV/PC Combinations3257482,3003366381,9003425521,615
PC Printers*18,8005,24527920,3004,82925021,5184,842225
Set-Top Internet Boxes1,30019515085011914050069138
Aftermarket monitors5,0901,4252805,8501,2082856,4351,873291
Modems/fax modems*11,5001,56413612,5001,36513013,2501,749132
Other PC peripherals*--2,150----2,365----2,507--
Computer software*--5,062----5,265----5,581--
Electric Typewriters78689711243436842151359
Fax Machines*2,5653491362,3002971292,070242117
Home telephones64,9572,2543565,8031,9082964,9132,03531
Wireless phones*53,4008,65116257,0008,83515560,4208,882147
Family Radio Svc. Devices15,3824613014,1012822013,17623718
Caller ID Devices3,8833592,5831972,583136
Home security--1,820----1,965----2,122--
Total accessories--1,378----1,500----1,635--
Blank Cassettes*612,000486--542,000468--490,000432--
Blank PC Media--1,550----1,600----1,800--
Video Games--9,975----11,475----12,645--
(1) Includes Direct View & Projection TV and Monitors.
(2) Includes TV/VCR Combinations.
(3) Includes home, portable and autosound.
(4) Includes table, clock & portable.
(5) Includes radio combinations.
(6) Includes portables counted elsewhere.
(7) Includes personal word processors.
(8) Primary cells for consumer use.
*Sales through consumer channels.
Source: CEA Market Research © TWICE 2003

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