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Atlantic Unveils 3-Zone Wireless Audio System

1/25/2011 03:14:21 PM Eastern

Norwood, Mass. - Speaker maker Atlantic Technology entered the
wireless-audio market.


The company launched products that support up to three
stereo zones with a range up to 150 feet within a house and 300 feet in
line-of-sight applications.

The products can also be used to cut the speaker-cable cord to
powered speakers inside and outside the house, to powered surround speakers,
and powered subwoofers.

The WA-50 Wireless Audio System consists of a transmitter,
receiver, USB Cable and RCA input and output cables at a suggested retail of
$199. Additional WA-50 receivers and output cables are available for $89 each.

Up to three transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers can
be used at a time, Atlantic said. Consumers connect a transmitter to an audio
source's RCA audio outputs and a receiver to the RCA line inputs of a powered
speaker system.  The transmitter and receiver feature three-position
switch to assign each transmitter-receiver pair to zones one, two or three.

The transmitter can also be connected to a PC or Macintosh using
a supplied USB cable interface to transmit music from a computer to a high-end
audio system or portable audio system.

The system delivers 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response +/1 1dB, a
signal-to-noise ration of 93dB and 10ms maximum delay.

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