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Advertised Prices Of Headphone MP3 Portables

3/18/2002 02:00:00 AM Eastern
Advertised Prices Of Headphone MP3 Portables
January 2001
Brand/ModelNo. Of Ads$ Low$ High$ Median
APPLE IPOD 5120/0106399.00399.99399.99
SONIC BLUE PMP-600 32/09449.9949.9949.99
SONIC BLUE PMP-600 64/068129.99129.99129.99
CREATIVE L NOMAD2 0/6461129.99129.99129.99
RCA RD-1060 64/060129.99129.99129.99
ARCHOS JUKEBOX 6144/058189.99189.99189.99
NOW EVOL. EVLX-64 64/04399.9999.9999.99
SONY NWMS-9 0/6436299.99349.00299.99
INTEL IDAP264NA 64/036129.99129.99129.99
DIG.RESRCH DRMP-3P-01 32/03459.9959.9959.99
SAMSUNG YPNEU-321699.9599.9599.95
DLINK 29620251459.9959.9959.99
SAMSUNG YPNDU-64 64/013159.95229.99159.95
SAMSUNG YP-700 128/05229.99229.99229.99
CREATIVE L NOMAD2C CS 64/05129.99129.99129.99
SAMSUNG YPNEU-64B 644149.99149.99149.99
SAMSUNG YP-20S 64/02129.00129.00129.00
NOW EVOL. IM-600B 0/32179.0079.0079.00
FIRST INTL IROCK-680 8/641129.00129.00129.00
FIRST INTL IROCK-510 32/0169.0069.0069.00
TOSHIBA MEA-210 32/01199.90199.90349.00
SAMSUNG YP-20T 32/0179.0079.0079.00
SAMSUNG YPNDU-64BB 64/32196.0096.0096.00
SONIC BLUE RIO ONE 32/0199.0099.0099.00
SONIC BLUE RIO-800 64/01149.90149.90149.90
Based on advertising in more than 100 U.S. newspapers. Packages and systems excluded from statistics to create a more accurate average.
Includes hard-drive and flash-memory portables. Numbers following model number indicate internal memory capacity in MB/included removable media capacity in MB.
Source: Beyen ©TWICE 2002

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