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9/03/2007 02:00:00 AM Eastern

VAF Octavio is launching a new digital home entertainment system for iPod. The VAF Octavio 1 plays directly from an iPod and can also connect to a TV, DVD player, gaming console or other source.

The Octavio 1 home entertainment system is designed to replace conventional amplifiers and speakers to streamline the average room, the company says. At more than 23 pounds, Octavio 1 is constructed of first-grade MDF and clad in a leather-style finish that helps dampen unwanted cabinet resonances. The system's 4.25-inch depth blends with flat-panel TVs; its single control knob can adjust volume level as well as switch among all input sources. It features two long-throw 5.25-inch woofers, an 8-inch bass radiator and two high-end fabric dome tweeters. With built-in digital amplification, it also incorporates sophisticated response correction to deliver low distortion, full-range sound flat from under 38Hz to over 20,000 Hz, the company said.