Staff On Sep 6 2004 - 6:00am
Custom's annual Expo kicks off with abundance of new brands, technologies
By TWICE Staff On Sep 29 2004 - 2:57pm

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By Greg Scoblete On Sep 7 2004 - 3:07pm

San Diego, Calif. — Sony fired its HD volley today, introducing its first 1080i HD “consumer” camcorder, the HDR-FX1 Handycam.

By Joseph Palenchar On Sep 6 2004 - 6:00am

More custom-install suppliers are taking notice of the soaring popularity of satellite radio.

By Steve Smith On Sep 2 2004 - 7:12pm

Las Vegas – BrandSource celebrated its 35th anniversary during its National Convention and Buy Fair at the Paris Hotel last week by

By Greg Scoblete On Sep 17 2004 - 5:08pm
By Greg Tarr On Sep 6 2004 - 6:00am

Coby Electronics said it is now shipping a new line of high-performance LCD televisions, and LCD TV/DVD combo products.

By Doug Olenick On Sep 2 2004 - 7:23pm

New York - RCS Computer Experience customers will soon encounter a store that is much more then just a PC retailer.

By Greg Tarr On Sep 2 2004 - 7:07pm

Indianapolis – The first 1080p rear projection DLP HDTV set, and a 55W-inch HDTV plasma set with fully integrated ATSC tuning and

By Jeff Malester On Sep 2 2004 - 1:06pm

Dayton, Ohio — Rex Stores managed to post a 4 percent increase in net income during the same three months, despite fiscal second quarter




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