By Greg Scoblete On Sep 15 2004 - 5:02pm

Boulder, Colo — Pentax has become the second digital-camera vendor to introduce a digital SLR (d-SLR) with lens for under $1,000.

By Alan Wolf On Sep 24 2004 - 4:33pm

Washington, D.C. — CE retailers were among the biggest beneficiaries of the estimated $25.7 billion spent this year on back-to-college

By TWICE Staff On Sep 2 2004 - 12:41pm

Seoul, Korea - LG Electronics's digital television (DTV) subsidiary in the United States has licensed its patented DTV reception

By Greg Scoblete On Sep 29 2004 - 6:58pm

New York — Fast on the heels of VoIP telephony’s rapid expansion into consumer retail markets, the technology has earned its very own

By Jeff Malester On Sep 24 2004 - 12:40pm

Sunnyvale, Calif. — PalmSource, which provides the Palm OS operating system that powers mobile information devices and smartphones,

By Joseph Palenchar On Sep 20 2004 - 6:00am

The music industry's four largest record labels will join independent label 5.1 Entertainment Group in the commercial

By Greg Tarr On Sep 6 2004 - 6:00am

The first 1080p rear-projection DLP HDTV set, and a 55W-inch HDTV plasma set with fully integrated ATSC tuning and

By Greg Tarr On Sep 28 2004 - 7:08pm

Arlington, Va.- August sales of digital television (DTV) products rose 72 percent over the same period in 2003 to reach 514,065 units,

By Alan Wolf On Sep 6 2004 - 6:00am

Sears has introduced its first liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) rear-projection TV, which it is marketing under a new

By Alan Wolf On Sep 24 2004 - 4:31pm

Richmond, Va. — Circuit City has completely redesigned its five-year-old e-commerce Web site,




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