Joseph Palenchar On May 6 2013 - 12:00am

Apple, Amazon Still Tops In Tablet Satisfaction


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, ILL. — Apple continues to top all tablet manufacturers in overall owner satisfaction, J.D. Power and Associates found in its second tablet-satisfaction survey.

The survey was conducted in April to track satisfaction among those who have owned a tablet for one year or less. The company’s first tablet survey was conducted in July 2012.

Both surveys also put Amazon in second place in tablet satisfaction. They were followed in the second survey by Samsung, Asus and Acer in that order.

Asus ranked among the top five for the first time in the latest survey, and Barnes and Noble and Hewlett-Packard, both of which made it to the top five in last year’s survey, failed to make it into the top five this time around.

The latest findings are based on the experiences of 1,857 tablet owners. The study measured satisfaction using five factors on a combined 1,000-point scale among people who owned their tablet for less than two years. The factors were weighted in the following order of importance: performance (26 percent), ease of operation (22 percent), styling and design (19 percent), features (17 percent), and price (16 percent).

Apple achieved a score of 836 out of 1,000, followed closely by Amazon at 829 points. The industry average was 828 points. Samsung followed Amazon closely with 822 points but fell slightly below the industry average. Next came Asus with 818 points and Acer with 874 points. Despite the narrow point spreads among the top four companies, J.D. Power gave Apple five out of five circles in its Power Circle Ratings but gave only three circles to the next three, with Acer getting only two.

The survey also found that:

• Tablet owners who own a smartphone spend 36 percent more time browsing the Internet on their tablet than on their smartphone.

• Twenty-seven percent of tablet owners said they are likely to buy a new tablet within the next 12 months, down from 37 percent in the 2012 survey.

• Ninety-four percent of highly satisfied tablet owners are likely to purchase additional consumer electronic devices from the same manufacturer.

In addition, J.D. Power found that satisfaction increased when more than one person shared a tablet. When a tablet is used by only one person, overall satisfaction is 824, compared with 852 when a tablet is shared by four or more people.

A total of 51 percent of tablet owners share their device with at least one other person, even though 64 percent of tablet owners were the sole decision-maker, the survey also found.

Suppliers who try to provide an exceptional experience for all users of a shared tablet might improve future business prospects because of the potential greater likelihood Apple, Amazon Still Tops In Tablet Satisfaction (continued on page 22) to hand down the tablet to other family members and repurchase a new tablet from the same brand running the same operating system, said Kirk Parsons, telecommunications services senior director at J.D. Power.

In fact, he noted, 41 percent of tablet owners who share their device among four or more persons indicate they “definitely will” purchase their next tablet from the same supplier. That compares with 28 percent among those who do not share their device with anyone.

Sharing isn’t limited to sharing among adults, the survey also found. Forty-six percent of tablet owners have children who also use their tablet. Among these owners, 30 percent have downloaded education apps, compared with 16 percent among those who do not share their device with children.

Consumers are also using tablets for business purposes, J.D. Power found. Twenty percent of owners said they use their tablet for business. Owners of tablets that originally evolved from e-readers, however, are not as likely to use their tablet for business.

Businesses, meantime, are becoming less likely to help pay for their employees’ tablets. Just 31 percent of employers contributed to the price or reimbursed their employees for a tablet purchase, down 3 percentage points from the previous survey. “This may be an indication that some companies may be promoting a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) strategy,” J.D. Power said.

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