TWICE 2006 Digital Imaging Roundtable

By Staff On Aug 7 2006 - 6:00am

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Repeat Buyers To Buoy A Cooling Market

TWICE:We’re seeing projections that the growth will cool, if not this year, than the following year. What will the impact be?

Wireless Imaging
Do you all see wireless playing a fairly large role in digital photography?

Sellling New Features
TWICE: Will the next generation features in digital photography require a lot of hands-on explaining?

Digital Vs. Film
TWICE:Film camera sales leveled off at around 15 million to 17 million units a year from 1976 to the birth of digital photography. When digital camera sales slow, will they level off higher or lower than film’s benchmark?

Technological Evolution Spurs d-SLR Growth
TWICE: Where is the digital SLR market headed? Has digital photography changed the demographic make-up of the SLR photographer? Is the market broader now than in the 35mm era?

Profits Beyond Prints
TWICE: How can retailers capitalize on the archiving and storage opportunities presented by billions of images piling up on hard disks around the country?

Consumers Printing Habits: A Blank Slate
TWICE: Is the industry’s effort to convince consumers to print more kind of like closing the barn door after the horses have already fled? Since we’re on second- and third-generation digital camera owners, haven’t their habits and patterns already been established?

An ‘Era of Comparison’ Dawns As Consumer Print Options Multiply
TWICE: PMA reported that retail printing has reached parity with home printing. What are some of the dynamics at retail?

E-Commerce Shrinks As Second Timers Get Touchy
TWICE: So as the dynamic of who is buying a digital camera has changed, has the dynamic of where they’re buying changed as well?

Smarter Cameras Muscle Megapixels Aside
TWICE: What are the next battleground features for point-and-shoot digital cameras?

The Search For Solutions And The Battle For Shelf Space
TWICE: What are the consequences of the category’s cooling growth, both in terms of your camera development and retail strategy?

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