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TWICE On The Scene: Samsung Has A Ball At CES

From left: Pro Football Hall of Famer Ken Houston with Samsung’s D.J. Oh,’s Paul Ryder and Samsung’s JS Park.

Circuit City’s Rick Bickford with Pro Football Hall of Famer Carl Eller

From left: Rob Eby of D&H Distributing, Lexmark’s Mark Adams, Pro Football Hall of Famer Carl Eller, D&H Distributing’s Jeffrey Davis and SEA Samsung’s TR Williams.

Sears’ Glenn Miskel (left) with James O’Neil of Electronics Expo

Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Ken Houston (left) and Randy White (far right) with Samsung’s J.S. Park.

Samsung’s Tim Baxter with Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon.

From left: Samsung’s John Lavoie with Home Entertainment Source’s Andy Orozco, Pro Football Hall of Famer Marcus Allen, Home Entertainment Source’s Jim Ristow and Samsung’s Reid Sullivan.

Henry Chiarelli with his wife Linda

Pro Football Hall of Famers Jack Youngblood (left) and Tom Mack (far right) with Samsung’s Bill Dickey, Ali Atash and Jorge Madrigal.


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