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TWICE On The Scene: Panasonic Is Going Green

The exterior of the Eco & Ud House features an entrance that detects all visitors and can recognize and allow access to family members that carry an RFID-equipped cellphone.

The automated front door and alarm system are powered by a hybrid solar and wind-powered generator that Panasonic dubbed "The Seagull."

Panasonic's fuel cell co-generator uses methane to convert hydrogen and air into electricity and hot water for the home.

A home energy-management system features a display that monitors all the systems in the home and makes suggestions as to when and which home appliances can be used optimally with the least environmental impact.

A horse-riding simulation exercise machine, dubbed "JOBA", and a massage chair are linked to a flat-screen panel that monitors time, pace, heart rate and other bodily systems.

An upstairs room optimized for the elderly is reachable by the home's elevator and features voice-activated systems control.

An LCD control screen in the kitchen includes entrance/intercom control, as well as household communications and a recipe and cooking techniques database.

The "display wall" in the living room offers full home systems control, including security camera monitoring and archiving, audio and video media-server control, and theme art and music to alter the ambience of the room.


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