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TWICE On The Scene: Micro Center

Micro Center's latest store in Rockville, Md.

Store employees have a special area to help customers configure their own computer.

Micro Center's new format has more of a warehouse feel then their original stores.

The stores have a wide open feel.

With The Knowledge Bar the chain wanted to create an area where PC enthusiasts would hang out and it even sells candy and high-energy drinks, a staple of the hard-core gaming community.

Instead of just offering a few "how to" books, the new stores have an entire book store and reading area.

Micro Center reported notebook sales in the chain are up 30 percent so it dedicated a large section of the new format to this category.

A well of desktop PCs. Despite the industry-wide decline in popularity, Micro Center posted double digit gains in this category.

Despite its computer heritage, Micro Center has offered a large selection of LCD and plasma televisions for several years. The new stores stock about 90 SKUs.


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