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TWICE On The Scene: CEA Hall of Fame

Best Buy’s Brad Anderson (left) with friend, colleague and now CE Hall of Famer Dick Schulze

William G. Crutchfield, founder/CEO of Crutchfield, accepting his award.

CEA’s Gary Shapiro (left) presenting Dr. Amar Bose with his CE Hall of Fame award.

CEA’s Gary Shapiro (left) gets a laugh from CES founder Jack Wayman as he expounded about the life and career of James Edward Day, CEA counsel and former Postmaster of the U.S. in the Kennedy administration.

Ken Crane’s Steve Caldero and his wife Sabrina

Hall of Fame honoree Dick Schulze (left) and his wife Maureen visit with CEA president Gary Shapiro.

Casio’s Terry Terada (left) and John Homlish accepted the CE Hall of Fame award for its longtime president John McDonald.


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