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JVC’s Karl Bearnarth presents a map of the United States showing each of the nearly 50 stops on its planned Focus On Hi-Def Tour running through November.

Palm’s Foleo mobile companion synchronizes with Palm- and Windows Mobile-based PDA-phones and smartphones.

HES group president Bob Cole and group GM Jim Ristow, at the HES board meeting held to review and analyze the group’s long-term business plans.

Casio EX-Z1200.jpg – Casio’s EX-Z1200 features a CCD-shifting stabilization system.

Wilson’s first indoor cellular repeater for SO/HO use simultaneously amplifies the signals of multiple phones operating on multiple carrier networks.

Krell’s Evolution 707 peramp/surround processor has itnernal decoding of all HD DVD and Blu-ray surround formats.

Waav offers a cellular car router that works with Sprint for $499.

Exceptional’s hardware debut includes networked Lifemedia home-control/entertainment servers.

Kata’s national Geographic line includes a small waist pack that holds a small camcorder and point-and-shoot camera. The design utilizes two separate camera pouches to protect gear and provide a comfortable fit for $20.

Avis is renting an Autonet Wi-Fi router for the car to customers for $10.95 per day.

The FX100 from Panasonic offers a 28mm wide-angle zoom lens.

The rugged E450 DECT cordless (left) from Siemens is part of two new product lines the company is introducing to the retail market. The phones are expandable up to six handsets and four base stations.

Optoma’s Jon Grodem presents the new Optoma HD80 1080p DLP projector, which will hit a sub-$3,000 price point.

DBL Distributing’s Henry Chiarelli (left) and David Lorsch in its mammoth warehouse in Scottsdale, Ariz.

HTSA’s third-annual Audio Boot Camp included a tour of Definitive Audio’s Seattle showroom.

AT&T is planning to open additional Experience Stores.


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