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TWICE Digital Imaging Roundtable

“The digital SLR customer is very different than the film SLR customer. They get an instant response ... This excitement feeds on itself.” — David Lee, senior VP, Nikon

“I think wireless will eventually take off, but not until it becomes a turnkey solution for consumers.” — Steven Cordova, executive VP, Samsung

“We need to be careful about how we court them because it could be a fad for one minute, and then it moves on before the camera gets to the market.”—Darin Pepple, consumer and professional marketing manager, Fujifilm

The Future Of Photo Printing - I think photo books are also an interesting play here. Coffee table format books provide an easy template to show a series of three or four shots whereas you might not get those as prints in the past. Ross Rubin, NPD

I think, looking at the consumers that are buying SLRs and migrating from point and shoots, they realize they want a better camera experience. Phil Lubell, product marketing director, Sony

The digital camera market has been fairly resilient so far. We see one of the biggest challenges out there is the price compression. - John Maciag sales VP, Olympus

“We wouldn’t know how to do our job today without [the Internet], because we don’t get the time with the retailers to train them the way we did years ago.” — Jerry Magee director of future products, capture and devices, Kodak

The TWICE Digital Imaging Roundtable was held in New York City on July 13.


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