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A Tour Of J&R Jr.

The street-level entrance window of J&R Jr. sports the new store's logo and tagline, "Where NYC Kids Grow."

An elevator entrance opens up to a spacious stroller parking area. The upfront entrance faces a large grab-and-go section offering gift-giving items, suchs as games, toys, crafts and books in the $10-$60 range.

The store's electronic gaming section features working displays of Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360 Kinect and Sony Playstation3 and a host of game titles, controllers and accessories.

A VTech wall within the gaming section offers the company's entire educational line of electronic toys and devices

A Leapfrog wall of educational toys dominates one corner of the gaming section.

The electronics section includes displays for iPad and iPod Touch, as well as Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch.

A wall of smartphone and tablets accessories includes brands such as Casemate, Griffin, iLuv and LowePro along with popular licenses such as Sesame Street, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Disney and Marvel.

One of several large spaces devoted to the bored children of shoppers

A toddler play area sits in the center of the store.

An iPod dock endcap

A large section of car seats lines the wall of the stroller section.

The very large stroller section features high-tech models designed for urban terrain and includes several mats that simulate common downtown Manhattan surfaces, like cobblestones, cement sidewalks, sand and grass.

Audio and video baby monitors

The kids's headphones selection includes decibel-limiting models from Etymotic and KidzSafe

A touch display for VTech's V.Reader and Mobigo learning system

A Baby Basics section includes kitchen, bathroom and even laundry supplies.

A Baby Basics section includes kitchen, bathroom and even laundry supplies.

The boutique is the brainchild of J&R executive VP Jason Friedman. Previously, Friedman founded and ran J&R's e-commerce website.


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