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Top Tech & Retail Apps For The Apple Watch

Insteon: Home automation will be brought to the wrist, with consumers able to control light switches, thermostats, garage doors and more. Consumers can also receive security footage on the Apple Watch. What’s New: It is eliminating SMS/text messages in favor of push notifications.

ShopSavvy: This bargain-hunting app lets consumers make shopping lists, scan barcodes to look up sales, and search through aggregated data for price matching. What’s New: Geo-fencing means in-store and nearby deals will be displayed as notifications. Consumers can also share deals and sales experiences with other users.

BMW i Remote: The app for the electric BMW i lets drivers receive charge status, remotely turn on the AC, and check if the doors are locked, among other things. Drivers can also share how efficiency values for trips with other app users. The automaker is also working on a self-parking watch app.

Porsche: Well, BMWs are for peons, right? If you have a 2014 or later Porsche with Car Connect, you can locate your vehicle, fold exterior mirrors, set charging timers, read the tire pressure, and set speed and geo-fences. What’s New: The Apple Watch can receive safety notifications, journey statistics and vehicle status.

Withings Home: Another home-automation app, this one permits control of an HD camera, with zoom, night vision and two-way audio. A time-lapse feature enables consumers to review day-long footage in seconds. What’s New: Users can view live streaming, receive motion and noise alerts, and activate a lullaby from the Apple Watch.

Comcast: The Xfinity app allows some consumers to manage their DVRs and change channels (via voice commands) from the Apple Watch, among other tasks. Note: Only X1 customers with Cloud services installed in certain markets are eligible, according to Comcast.

B&H Photo Video: Consumers can view, purchase and read reviews for the specialty retailer’s inventory. What’s New: Users can view trending, best-selling and DealZone products on the Apple Watch.

Amazon: Shop the largest e-tailer directly from your wrist. What’s New: Apple’s Share feature lets consumers add products from other websites onto their Amazon Wish List.

Target: Users can build shopping lists and find product deals. What’s New: Consumers can ask the app where to find an item in an individual store.

Retale: This “coupon-clipping” app enables consumers to save deals and promotions from more than 140 retailers. What’s New: Geo-fencing sends alerts when users are near deals they’ve saved.

Lutron: The Caseta app is yet another home control app (sense the trend yet?), and this one lets homeowners control lights and temperature. You must install a Lutron Smart Bridge for the app to work.

Savant: More home control: In addition to opening and closing the blinds, you can create “Scenes” with multiple tasks (temperature, lighting, music) at one time.

Loyalty Cards: Say goodbye to keychains crowded with warped plastic tags. This app lets consumers store loyalty cards on their Apple Watch by taking pictures of them, and the barcodes will then display for scanning.


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