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RadioShack’s New Prototype Store

Live headphone displays, including these for Beats by Dr. Dre, feature mirrors that reflect the fashionable nature of the category.

A live tablet display holds corresponding cases.

Laptops are cross-merchandised with routers, cable modems and Wi-Fi adapters.

A wall of private-label batteries, chargers and other power accessories fronts the store.

An Apple area offers iPhones, iPads, iPods and related accessories. A series of invocations appear atop the walls throughout the store, instructing shoppers to variously power it, build it, connect it, rock it and play it.

Associates don newly designed store attire.

A help desk area diverts traffic from the checkout counter and also contains drawers of connectors, bulbs, fuses and other electronics parts.

The new mobile wall merchandises phones and accessories by classification, rather than carrier, to eliminate SKU duplication.

An eye-catching radio-control display with video signage is located by the store window.

A dedicated Samsung wireless wall section features smartphones, tablets and accessories.

A wireless speaker wall allows A-B demos using music from shoppers’ own Bluetooth devices or the playlist on a provided tablet (far left).


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