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Photos From Around CEATEC 2009

Panasonic's booth

Ken Morita of Panasonic

Fumio Ohtsubo of Panasonic (best shot)

Mitsubishi's main stage was dominated by the world's first 155-inch OLED scalable display, demonstrated withits MEDIAWAY digital signage

Sony's prototype 2.5 inch flexible OLED screen with 0.2mm thickness that uses a flexible organic thin film transistor to drive the display

Mitsubishi 3D HD demonstration area

Line for Sharp 3D HD demonstration


Sony's booth was dominated by 3D demos on all sides

Seen at several booths, including Panasonic's: attendees viewing 3D HD demos

Toshiba's CELL REGZA 3D HD demonstration

The 3D HD Blu ray deck and glasses from Panasonic

Panasonic's 4K 2K (3840 x 2160 lines) full HD prototype

Panasonic's prototype HD A/V communications system

NATM Annual Meeting

Besides the usual business of planning out the

Ultra HD OLED TVs In IFA Spotlight

At IFA, all Ultra HD makers are quickly expanding

Jack Wayman, the Father Of International CES

Tributes continue to pour in for Jack Wayman, who

Nationwide PrimeTime 2014

Scenes from Nationwide PrimeTime buy fair held in