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Nationwide Spotlights More Categories At PrimeTime!

Nationwide ‘Team Picture’ (from left): Bill Bazemore, furniture VP; Patrick Mahoney, appliance merchandising VP; Robert Weisner, CEO; Rick Weinberg, senior marketing VP; Dave Bilas, executive VP; Jennie Ghaleb, COO, Cantrex Nationwide; Tom Hickman, senior VP of electroics; Les Kirk, COO; Jeff Knock, senior VP of appliances; and Doug Schatz, electronics marketing VP

Jeanette Howe, executive director of Specialty Electronics Nationwide, at her booth with a big screen LG Electronics TV.

LG Electronics’ Rick Calacci with the 55-inch curved OLED TV at the Nationwide booth

Howie Cooperstein of Bell’o with the PV54252 black finish flat panel A/V system table at one of the company’s two Nationwide booths.

DSI System’s Jerry Satoren at the distributor’s Nationwide booth.

Polk’s booth at Nationwide’s PrimeTime!

For a couple of years Nationwide PrimeTime! has had a large furniture area on its floor. The category is 20 percent of its business.

Beautyrest joined Serta as a Nationwide supplier

Inada, an upscale supplier of recliners, have been a buying group staple the past couple of years.

At GE’s massive appliance booth there was a lighting display

Whirlpool, and all of its affiliated brands, appeared at Nationwide PrimeTime!

Electrolux, and its brands, had a large presence on the show floor of Nationwide’s event in Dallas earlier this month.

Serta has a big display of its mattresses


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